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4 Design Principles To Remember

Four Design Principles To Remember

Humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. For this reason, it’s only normal for homeowners to give their house’s interiors a bit of a makeover every now and then. The problem is this though – not everyone has an eye for interior design, and not all interior designers can be commissioned on a very limited budget. So what are you to do then when you are stuck in that dilemma? While designers do not have a stylebook that contains all the rules and secrets of their trade, there are a couple of design principles that you can follow to breathe new life and beauty to your space.

1. Pick the Paint Color which will Complement the Furniture.

If you want your room to have a very cohesive look, then you may have to do something which is very unconventional – picking out the paint color only after you have all of your pieces of furniture picked out. Yes, it would be very inconvenient for you to move into a space that isn’t painted yet but, especially if you are moving from one house to another, you would not want to completely let go of your existing furniture in order to accommodate the color that you may have picked on a whim. Save yourself all that money by picking the color of your room last.

2. Censor the things you’re putting into your Room.

It’s actually easier for homeowners to stuff their rooms with pieces of furniture and numerous other trinkets to the point of clutter than to exercise discipline and limit the number of things that would go into a room. When you overcrowd a room, one thing that is essential to decorating is lost, and that is the space to show off your pieces of furniture. The lack of breathing space would prevent the full beauty of your furniture to be seen and be appreciated properly. By following this principle you can afford to buy quality pieces instead of spreading your cash thinly by buying a lot of inferior quality stuff.

3. Know the Right Height for which to Hang Artwork.

There is a reason for why galleries always hang paintings at the same consistent height, which is 57 to 60 inches. That is because at this height, the painting is at human eye level. You should stick to this rule even when your house has very high ceilings, a situation which would induce you to put up paintings higher than usual. However, for your space to continue to be engaging, you ought to remember that you are engaging with humans and this ring true even when you are decorating a huge space.Even Nick Scali Limited (NCK), a furniture company, believes that this should be the principle whenever home improvement is being done.

4. Know how to use a Rug.

Rugs can bind the look of a room together in a snap. However, there are three strategies that you can employ when using a rug – the all in, all off, and the front in. If you have a large rug, then you can afford to place all the legs of your furniture on the rug. However, a smaller rug may require that you arrange your furniture off the rug. Front in is for when you only allow the front legs to be inside the rug.

Tom Watts is an avid blogger on home comfort and designs. He writes useful articles for clients who wants ready answers on the proper way to design one’s home. Tom also features stylish homes with practical approach to comfort and beauty.

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