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4 Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom Without Works

Bathrooms that are far from the eyes of visitors are usually the last on the list of priorities when it comes to renovating a house. However, without the need for works may have an actual bath with a few tweaks such as painting, lighting, accessories and storage.

1. Playing with Paint

Paint the walls or shelves can be an inexpensive way to update your bathroom without having to make major changes. But before starting to roll, some considerations must be taken for example, if the bathroom is not enough moisture problems with paint. In this case would have to turn to a professional to determine the reason for the humidity (ventilation, plumbing, etc.) and sanitize the area previously. On the other hand, the bathrooms are humid and have to use paint and appropriate products to prevent mildew. Finally, if the bathroom ceiling is very high should paint the walls and ceiling the same color (if not white) to make the stay comfortable and visually appealing.

2. Increasing the Lighting

Inadequate lighting can make a room drab and depressing bathroom even though a great cabin. Can improve the lighting of a bathroom with economic measures, such as removing the outside (whenever possible) anything that prevents the passage of light to the bathroom window (shrubs or tree branches, for example). Another step is replacing heavy curtains with ones that let light while maintaining privacy

On the other hand, you can add elements or mirrors that reflect light around the room. A large mirror immediately changes anywhere. Be studied in parallel lights, bathroom and put adequate lamps.

A little more complicated, but not excessive changes, such as replacing a solid door on the other translucent or add a skylight or solar tube, so can also help to improve lighting rotunda.

3. Upgrade your Accessories

Change bathroom fixtures can be the easiest and cheapest way to fix your bathroom so. Point shooters in bright or flashy colours (not too much) to give a change to the bathroom. On the other hand, boats, carpets, paintings, soaps and shower curtains are simple and inexpensive changes that give a completely different feel to the bathroom.

A little trick is to raise the bar over the shower curtain to make the bathroom seem more spacious (note, this requires buying a longer than normal curtain).

4. Simplify Boats

Half-empty bottles of shampoo, beauty products and perfume samples abandoned rapidly accumulate in the bathroom taking up valuable space. Storage solutions are not always attractive, so save time, money and space you select the right bathroom products. The hand must be really what you need each day and store or dispose of the rest.

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