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5 Appliances You Need In Your Kitchen

While you may already have the most essential of kitchen utilities – i.e. the fridge and the oven – your space might still be looking a little empty. Smaller appliances are just as important and can bring about a whole host of benefits.

Here, we look at five options that provide you with some use, and really bring the room to life.

Electric Mixer

Are you a keen baker? You should be, and with an electric mixer, everything is made ten times easier. You’ll be whipping up a batch of cookies in no time at all. Sure, you can go down the route of hand mixing, but this requires more time and effort – which could otherwise be spent putting your feet up while your ingredients bake away in the oven.

You have two choices here – a handheld or a stand mixer. The latter is for more frequent use, but it will set you back a lot more in terms of cost. Handheld devices are generally cheaper and just as capable of getting the job done.


Blenders are an incredible tool to have, as there is so much that you can do with them. Create soups, sauces and even smoothies. They’re relatively simple to use and don’t cost a lot, so keeping one in your kitchen won’t be too much bother.

Those of a higher quality are generally able to blend bigger objects, and allow you to start getting creative. So if you fancy experimenting a little, get yourself a blender. Just remember to put the lid on before you start it up!

Toasty Maker

Everyone has a toaster – which is fine – but what you need is something to make you something even better – toasties. Far better than a slice of bread with some butter and jam spread on top, toasties provide you with the chance to implement more fillings into your toasted sandwich – such as ham and cheese (a popular choice).

Again, they’re quite inexpensive so you don’t need to break the bank. Another advantage is their small size – perfect if your kitchen isn’t particularly big, or you already have too many appliances filling up the counter-tops.


Brew-making capabilities are absolutely essential in Britain and, although you can go down the old fashioned route with a teapot on the stove, nothing beats the convenience of using a kettle. This will probably be utilised every day repeatedly, so it’s certainly a wise investment.

Forget about all the modern day machines that will pump out 19 different kinds of coffee. A kettle is affordable, reliable and an expected part of the kitchen scenery. If you typically find yourself hosting various guests and friends, it will surely prove to be a valuable asset for years to come.

Slow Cooker

There are many people who consider their slow cooker to be a godsend. Some find it frustrating to get in from a long day at work, to find that they still have to cook dinner for their family. Therefore, they simply throw a few ingredients together in the morning or the night before, stick it in the slow cooker and have it ready for when they arrive home.

Although they can be quite costly, the amount of delicious meals that can be made using a slow cooker is impressive. If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, then this appliance is absolutely essential.

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