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5 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it is time to start planning for the ways to surprise your secret crush or your partner. This is a really fun day that is surrounded by interesting facts and myths as well.

Here are five fun facts to tell to your friends and family about Valentine’s Day.

1. Long History

There are plenty of theories explaining the origin of this lovely day but perhaps the most prominent one goes all the way back to the Ancient Rome. In 270 A.D.

Cladius II was the emperor of the Roman Empire and he wasn’t very happy with allowing his soldiers to marry. He held a belief that single men make better soldiers.

But a courageous bishop called Valentine secretly performed wedding ceremonies. Unfortunately he got caught and he was executed on February 14. Love has been in the air ever since and people are really into romance.

2. Romantic Myths

There are many romantic myths surrounding this day as well. In the medieval times girls used to eat weird foods on this day in order to see dreams of their future husbands at night. Knots are also associated for this special day and to eternal love in general.

There are some fun things you can do this Valentine’s Day as well to ensure you are lucky in love. For example, check out this Examiner’s love spell for Valentine’s Day.

3. Red Roses

There isn’t any Valentine’s Day without some proper red roses. It was thought to be the favourite flower of the Roman goddess of love, Venus. The colour red in flowers is thought to symbolise love and strong romantic feelings.

Plenty of red roses are purchased on this special occasion. For instance, in the US it is thought that about 189 million stems of red roses are sold each day.

4. The Trend Of Chocolate

Chocolate is another essential part of Valentine’s Day. It is thought that the world’s greatest lover, Casanova, used to eat chocolate to keep himself virile. And in the 1800s physicians used to tell patients to eat chocolate if they were suffering from lost love.

There are now so many chocolate treats you can get on this day. Anything from Valentine chocolate cakes to simple boxes of chocolate are available as a treat on this day.

5. The Gift Giving Traditions

Giving gifts for your loved ones is a central part of Valentine’s Day celebrations. Perhaps the most famous romantic gift of all time is the Taj Mahal in India. This great building was built by an emperor as a memorial for his wife.

It is also really common to give gifts for friends and other loved ones on this day. People also like to send Valentine’s cards for friends and family all across the globe, although Valentine’s Day is mainly celebrated in the west.

The above five facts are something fun to know about this romantic day. It is a good idea to do something romantic on this Valentine’s Day and really celebrate this occasion together with your loved ones.

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Sofia Taylor loves learning about different cultures and occasions that we celebrate. She is a big fan of Valentine’s Day and she loves treating herself with some tasty chocolate treats on this occasion.

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