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5 Most Effective Fat Burning Exercises At Home

A lot of people are concerned about how much fat they have. It has become more common to see people trying to lose weight in the past couple of decades. Thankfully, there are many excellent exercises that a person can do each day that will help them to lose weight. This article goes through five of them.

  1. Walking

Walking is quite simple. We do it every day. It is often one of the easiest ways to burn fat. For a person who weighs 160 lbs, walking one mile each day at 2 mph will burn 91 calories. Interestingly enough, walking moderately faster at 3 mph burns only 85 calories. We burn the most if walking fairly slow, or really fast. The longer the better. The calories do stack up if we are moving around a lot at work. Getting a treadmill lets us do it at home. Definitely the cheapest option of all, you don’t need to win any big jackpots to afford the right equipment to start walking regularly. A good pair of sneakers is really all you need to start burning fat the right way!

  1. Interval Training

Samantha Clayton recommends that having a home interval training workout can also be beneficial. There are many great examples out there. Try interval training videos at a library or a rental shop. Interval training gets your body moving into a high-intensity calorie burning mode for 30 minutes to an hour. If it is very high intensity, it is good to talk with a physician before beginning it.

  1. Weightlifting

Weightlifting builds up muscle mass. The more muscles we have, the more we will burn fat energy using our muscles. There are different kinds of weightlifting programs out there. It is good to have someone spotting if doing very heavy weights. Some people think weightlifting is not safe. This is only true if the program is not designed by someone with experience in the sport.

  1. Stationary Biking

There are different types of biking exercises. One method is to have a stationary bike. Stationary bikes are convenient because it is easy to use them at home when the weather is bad. It is possible to read a book while doing a workout. The other type of bike is a mobile bike. Mobile bikes are helpful for getting around town. Biking does help burn fat, particularly if done for long road trips.

  1. Jumping Jacks

These exercises are popular with children, but if done in the garage, it can help burn fat. The nice thing about jumping jacks is they are mostly stationary. As long as they are done away from people, these burn about 1 calorie per jumping jack. It is important that they are done on a soft surface. This prevents harm to the ankles and knees.

Burning fat is not too hard. It is important that we do not get too stressed about the matter. Just taking a little walk outside does something. Having friends to support us during our exercise makes it even better.

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