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7 Natural Remedies For Acidity


Gastrointestinal problems are now more common than ever. Junk food, bad eating habits, lifestyle changes, digestive issues and other problems have made us more prone to acidity. This acidity can be painful and prevent us from functioning effectively in the society. The digestive flare can cause heartburn as well. But don’t worry, you won’t have to reach for an antacid every time you experience acidity. In fact, you should be using simple Acidity Natural Remedies to get rid of the problem. These natural remedies, when used regularly can actually help you beat the acidity for good!

Use Eno

Eno is considered a ‘drug’ but actually, it is a natural remedy with fast acting fruit salts. The product can be used as an antacid and to relieve bloated stomach. If you want a fast acting natural remedy for acidity, then Eno is what you should have. A single serving can give you relief in just a few seconds. Once you have had Eno, try this list of Acidity Natural Remedies that can help deal with the acidity in long-run.

Eat Bananas

A rich source of potassium, bananas can keep acid production in check. They also increase mucous in your stomach, which can help deal with the excessive acid production. The fiber in bananas is great for speeding up digestion and preventing recurrence of acidity in long run.

Have Tulsi

Tulsi leaves, like bananas help in producing more mucous. So, after having Eno, you can chew on five to six Tulsi leaves to beat the discomfort. Do this every day if you suffer from acidity quite often.

Cold Milk

The calcium in milk prevents acid build up. Cold milk can absorb excessive acid and therefore, it can provide instant relief. But make sure that the cold milk is taken without any additives like sugar. And of course, don’t heat the milk.

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are scientifically proven to reduce acid content in the stomach, which can aid in digestion. So, if you are experiencing a burning sensation, have Eno and then chop some mint leaves, mixing them in water and drinking it. The mint leaves will sooth burning sensation and calm indigestion, which will help you beat the acidity.

Indian Gooseberry

Also known as Amla, Indian Gooseberry has large amounts of Vitamin C that can help in dealing with acidity. The long term Acidity Natural Remedy requires having a teaspoon of amla powder every day. Or, you can have Amla directly.


Water is another natural antacid. Drinking water regularly will help in keeping the acid levels of the stomach balanced. It will also help in flushing out the acids that are produced by the body.

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