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Advantages Of A Flexible ETL Tool In Building And Managing Comprehensive Knowledge Base

ETL and its Use

ETL is short for extract, transform and load. Expressed simply, ETL is a set of functions combined in the form of a tool or a solution. It is valuable to a company as it helps in extracting useful data from diverse databases, systems or applications. The extracted data is transformed and loaded on to a different database that can also be a data mart or a data warehouse for analysis, or simply sent to yet another operational system where it can support a different business process. An ETL tool can be very convenient, but it important that it is also:

The convenience of ETL depends on the abovementioned factors. All organizations, from mid-size to large, amass data from diverse sources. The data is then brought together into one integrated warehouse. In the manual process, amassing data would have resulted in large number of batches and jobs in real-time that would run right through the day, and retailers would have collected data related to sales, inventory, marketing and finance several times a day. But when you put all this data together by running ETL but only once in a day, you would probably make the decision-support matrix slow and make it difficult to pump critical decisions such as dynamic prices into the system and control demand. Clearly, a flexible ETL tool has a great advantage, while a slow ETL could prove to be a great hindrance to the speed of the system. It is best to work with your very own ETL tool that has been designed on established principles of computing.

The Use of ETL in Warranty Administration

A sound and robust warranty administration program is most essential in ensuring resolution of various critical aspects within the warranty process. Such program invariably entails the constant monitoring of relevant policies, fault codes and flat rates besides the rules of management and the processing of warranty claims.

Established professionals in the field of warranty administration provide the perfect solution for all problems related to the warranty process, encompassing all phases from the creation of the contract to the administration of claims and reporting. Professional providers of IT solutions for transport and other industries invariably have an efficient system of warranty administration Services. A solution designed for warranty-related management problems consists of an integrated workflow. This ensures participation of various stakeholders in reducing warranty expenditure and an improvement in product quality besides consistent customer satisfaction. The leaders in warranty administration provide solutions that are flexible and user friendly as well as valid for the entire warranty lifecycle of an original equipment manufacturer.

These solutions are most effective in reducing the costs of warranty and reserves, increasing supplier recovery and enhancing the accuracy of reserves forecasting, all resulting in improved cash flow and hence maximized profitability. One of the major advantages of such solutions is in their scalable, high-performance architecture due to the use of a flexible ETL tool. The ETL tool is used to both build and manage a comprehensive knowledge-base using warranty data along with other information.

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