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Alarm System Reviews: Who And How To Trust

Home alarm systems have kept homes and their occupants secure and safe for decades. Nowadays, the latest and sophisticated security systems employ high technology sensors for identifying several intrusion events, such as breaking glass, broken locks, unexpected movements, and opening windows and doors. These events are monitored 24 hours a day by the companies that are directly in contact with medical services, police and fire services.

The current batch of security systems has even more features, such as health alert services, environmental monitoring, carbon monoxide, smoke detection and also home automation, such as lock controls, lighting and temperature controls for creating safer, smarter and more efficient homes. With so many companies offering different home security systems, it is not easy to choose the best alarm system for your home. Here are the reviews of some of the top alarm system, which will help you in identifying best alarm system according to the requirements of your home.

Frontpoint Analysis

This Company was founded in 2007. It is offering home security systems in around 50 states. Beside great services,
this Company prides itself on excellent customer services and its cutting-edge technology, which wins admiring reviews from customers who are in love with Frontpoint’s best quality monitoring at fair prices. Some of the top features of Frontpoint’s home security system include the following.

LifeShield Review

This Company was founded in 2004 and grown to cover the whole United States quickly. The company feels pride in offering knowledgeable tech support and high-quality product at a lower cost as compared to its competitors. The top features include the following.

Monitronics Reviews

This Company was founded in 1994 and today it is one of the largest alarm security companies in the US.

My Big Conclusion

When researching and comparing call multiple companies to get different quotes and offers.  The last thing you want happening is to sign up with Company ‘A’ only to realize that Company ‘B’ offers better equipment and prices.  The three security companies above are all National (and multi National) but several more exist.  Records state that there are over 10,000 home security companies so there are plenty of options to choose from.

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