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Common Injuries While Moving

Moving to a new place can be very draining and extensiveprocess. It doesn’t have to be if you hire Nanaimo movers. Though it may take some time to be fully settled in your new place, most of the rigorous and tiring work can be over in a matter of days. During these days, it can be easy for an individual to get injured. Below are a number of common injuries that one can get if one doesn’t move things properly:


A strain pertains to torn muscle fiber while a sprain is a torn ligament. Both strain and sprain can happen when there’s hasty stretching or change of direction of the tissues particularly of the body is tired. This injury is also due to lifting a weight that’s too much and trying to power on by adding a swinging motion to the exercise against a lifting motion.


Tendons are structures that attach the muscle to the bone. Tendons have sheaths that cover them, which let them move freely and smoothly. Overuse of tendons can cause friction on the sheaths that will irritate them. Too much strain or lifting of weights that are too heavy can result in inflammation, irregular movement and altered alignment of tissue. These problems will not let the tendon move smoothly and can result in pain in the affected part.


A bursa pertains to small fluid-filled sacs that function as cushion and lubricant between tendons, ligaments, and bone. Bursitis is a result from over usage and monotonous strain from lifting and not taking care of existing injuries in the shoulder.

Tips for Staying Safe

Safety reminders to keep while moving:

Having a professional moving team around can helpful in preventing possible injury or incapacitating strain, however keeping in mind all the tips above may aid you and your family to be safe in days before and after moving.

Avoid injuries and hire a professional moving company.

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