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Decoration Ideas To Brighten and Lighten Your Home

Decoration Ideas To Brighten and Lighten Your Home

Sometimes we get tired of decorating our home or feel that no longer has the same effect on us. To brighten the home that is best left between light and energy of the outdoors among other tips I will give you below:

Using Art to Incorporate Natural Colors

For starters, an idea to revive home is bright and natural colors incorporated in the decoration. The best way to do this is with art, from paintings to shelves and other decorative items that you like.

Use patterned fabric motif birds, fruit or trees. Or use travel photographs you’ve done, places and attractive landscapes. Decorate with color and spice to your home is easy because you can use strong cushions, use contrasting textures or colors that give a sense quality and look nice, like green or yellow.

And in fact, you need not buy a new cushion just have to change the covers. Another idea is to change the design of the cushions, pillows used for this reason joyful, earth tones or bright.

Let in the Light

Light is the key to brighten the home. Leave the curtains open and lets in maximum light during the day. If you want to renew step and change your curtains, opt for neutral tones in natural light fabrics such as linen or cotton.

Plants Improve the Mood

No doubt incorporates plants into your home is a way to bring life and cheer. Opt for green leafy plants and see how it changes your home.

Carpets are also ideal for home decoration. Opt for natural fiber rugs to bring more earth tones. Although you can also choose something soft like cotton or wool and choose a floral print or faux fur.

The good thing about the earth tones and neutral colors such as beige and brown is that they allow you to combine everything and can include printed cushions with bright colors and a wall light yellow to create a uniform set that works.

Opt for furniture in the same shades and neutral earth that pillows and curtain colors. And the color centers in plants, cushions, ornaments, frames and walls. Thus, it is easier to change and update the decor with brightly colored furniture that limits the combination.

And above all lets in light to create a nice, warm weather and a cheerful atmosphere.

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