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Delhi or Mumbai? A Comparison Of The 2 Major Cities In India

Delhi or Mumbai A Comparison Of The 2 Major Cities In India

A never ending topic of discussion and comparison, the question of whether Delhi is better than Mumbai or vice versa can never be put to rest. It is an even more heated argument when the old residents of the two cities come together and argue on it which is why this article talks about how the best judgement can be given through the eyes and experience of a first timer visit to both the cities at one go.

It is anything but difficult to shape an opinion or share feeling for a city in the wake of living there for a long some portion of your life. You quickly begin to turn guarded of your home city and in spite of the fact that not reasonable, you diss the other city. The most ideal approach to analyze urban areas as huge such as Delhi and Mumbai is through the eyes of an explorer and a first time guest. Delhi and Mumbai are two sides of a coin and both are among the top two cities of India with their own significant charm. Only after you visit both the cities and analyze it with your eyes and observe, you will always get a biased answer from the residents of the cities.

Before you get ready to compare the two, make sure you have your ticket booked for one of the Delhi to Mumbai flights in advance as your plan may be soiled if you do not happen to get a ticket in the last moment. Here are some of the general and common differences you may expect to find. You may go further in detail during your visit yourself.

The Food

The basic necessity of every human being. After a certain point of not eating, your body will start demanding for food and to be the best judge of good food, never base your judgement on something you have eaten on an empty hungry stomach. Both the cities are food paradises and while one place may have the edge over the other in one segment, the other will easily win in one. Fine dining options are available in plenty in both cities but the true test are on the streets. Delhi’s street food gives the much acclaimed and talked about Mumbai street food. Delhi also has a good collection of some of the finest dhabas which are a sheer treat if you are a non vegetarian.

Outlook and Approach

Mumbai is very commercial in every way while Delhi leans more towards the political outlook. Being the national capital and the seat of the houses of parliament also contributes heavily to it, and while Mumbai is mostly about the glitz and the glam and the fashion and keeping up with the trends supported by extravagant lifestyles and nightlife, the crowd in Delhi are more intellectual. People in Delhi would prefer a quiet sit down with soft music and discuss the whole night about random things over some pints of fine beer or glasses of whiskey over a crazy night at bass thumping nightclubs. Booze is not available for purchase anywhere in Delhi after 10pm and the clubs shut down much earlier than the ones in Mumbai.

Sightseeing and Places Around the City

When it comes to the topic of sightseeing, Delhi clearly has the upper hand being one of the oldest cities in the world with ancient ties. While Mumbai also has its fair share of historical sights, the major landmarks are too many to compete with. Both the cities are also placed well in close proximity with many beautiful destinations which make for a great weekend getaway. While Delhi is just a few hours away from some pristine hill stations and major cities that are top of the tourist attraction list in India, Mumbai has the most happening beach party destinations and also some hill stations and important cities near it.
Based on your findings and observations in one city you can make a rough sketch of what to expect on your next destination while you are on board one of the Delhi to Mumbai flights and prepare yourself for the next destination.

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