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Fun Until Dawn: 7 Spots To Savor The Night Life Of Budapest

Fun Until Dawn: 7 Spots To Savor The Night Life Of Budapest

Budapest is a great destination with unique traditions. The capital of Hungary is undoubtedly, interesting for its cultural and historical values. However, Budapest’s nightlife is no less interesting! For those who like to have fun in the 24/7 mode, we have collected the most unusual nightlife venues of Budapest. So, enjoy them right now…

Szecheniy Thermal Baths

Budapest has long been known as a health resort, where everyone can improve the health in local thermal baths. And probably, in order to revive the former glory of these baths, the city authorities began to organize parties there. For example, every weekend from June to September the famous Szecheniy Thermal Baths turn into a kind of night SPA club with laser-lit water, modern electronic music and cocktails. So, in case you want to dance, have fun, and just have a good time – then visit Szecheniy Bathhouse party!

Address: Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9-11

Hours: weekends 10.30pm-3am


Alcatraz Club

As you know, Alcatraz is a military prison on an island in the San Francisco Bay. Of course, this is a bit gloomy name, but don’t let this fact choose another club. Alcatraz will definitely appeal to the fans of blues, swing, funk, salsa, disco and any dancing music. Those who prefer more modern music can enjoy evenings with the music of fashionable DJs. By the way, live music concerts performed by local bands are also held there. Music starts there at 9 pm on weekdays and at 10 pm on weekends.

Address: Budapest, Nyár u. 1

Hours: Wednesday-Thursday 6pm-2am, Friday-Saturday 4pm-4am



If you want to visit some modern cosmopolitan bar, then this one is perhaps the best. A38 club is located on the old ship. The ship is moored next to Petofi Bridge, and its popularity lies in the fact that it attracts a mixed-race audience. The high-class restaurant offers dishes of Mediterranean and local cuisine, the club located slightly lower invites cool DJs and performers to the parties, and in the bar on the terrace you can relax under the beautiful Hungarian sky sipping amazing cocktails. On the upper deck artistic installations and screenings of modern art-house movies are held. In general, A38 is definitely a unique place, and you should visit it at least once.

Address: Budapest, Petőfi híd

Hours: Monday-Sunday 11pm-4am



This place advertises itself as an “Underground Over the city”. While walking along Blaha Lujza Street, look up and you will see a bar at the top of the old city department store. It’s called “underground” because it can be quite difficult to find the entrance to the bar for the first time. After passing kiosks selling kebab you’ll reach the club. Don’t be frightened by the tiled staircases that greet you at the entrance – keep walking until you notice the bar on the roof. From this spot you can see a magnificent view of Gellert Hill. Corvintetõ is an excellent club for the fans of alternative music performed by local bands and progressive DJ tracks. On Monday night nice jazz sounds there.

Address: Budapest, Blaha Lujza tér 1-2

Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 9pm-6am



Instant is the largest ruin pub in Budapest, which affects even those who are difficult to be surprised by something. It’s located in a former three-story residential house, and nowadays the whole building belongs entirely to the club. In fact, Instant is a huge complex with two inner courtyards, six bars and two dozen rooms with mini-dance floors.

The highlight of Instant is an unusual interior, which conceals something original behind every turn. This place is always crowded with young people, and if you want to go wherever it will be noisy and cheerfully in any case, you won’t find a better option than Instant.

Address: Budapest, Akácfa u. 49-51

Hours: Monday-Sunday 4pm-6am


Irish Cat Pub

Irish Cat Pub is amazingly popular among travelers. The bar is filled with frivolous and cheerful atmosphere of the Irish pub. Accordingly, you can order there ‘the rivers’ of Irish whiskey and beer, and loudly celebrate any special event. Its menu offers such dishes as pizza and hamburgers – everything is at reasonable prices. The location of Irish Cat Pub is very convenient, so it can be quite a lot of people there.

Address: Budapest, Múzeum krt. 41

Hours: Sunday-Thursday 4pm-2pm, Friday and Saturday 4pm-4am



Anker’t beckons visitors with its unusual place of dislocation: it’s placed in an abandoned house-ghost. However, the night club differs not only in this. Unlike other Budapest’s ruin bars, the interior of Anker’t is designed in the style of minimalism. The equipment of the establishment is presented by a DJ-cab, glowing X-shaped lamps, and tubs, in which trees are planted. Depending on the day of the week, this club with an imposing cocktail list works until 2-4 o’clock in the morning.

Address: Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 33

Hours: Wednesday 6pm-2pm, Thursday-Saturday 6pm-4am

Budapest nightlife is as diverse as the city itself. Many clubs are open all night long and put together a huge number of visitors. In addition to dancing parties, thematic musical evenings are also arranged.

Summarizing the above-mentioned facts, Budapest is an ideal place for the fans of night parties. Thus, head to this amazing city to experience it! If you decide to visit more night venues at once, then use U-Save car rental at Budapest airport, because the city’s public transport is not available late at night.

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