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Have A John That Will Turn Your Friends' Faces Green With Envy

What is more calming after a long day at work than coming home to a beautiful bathroom and soaking in the tub? I say nothing, nothing at all. When I think of relaxing and just complete solitude, I think of a bathroom that would make celebrities jealous.

There are many different styles you can choose. It helps to pick a style to be a guideline. There’s so many choices such as: Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Coastal, Glam, Chic, and honestly, the list goes on and on. I think it should reflect on you as a person and you should dream big. You deserve the best!

Thinking about luxurious bathroom accessories, I think of high end hotels. I am thinking marble, or granite bathtubs. I like Jacuzzi options as well. The faucets have to be elegant in style and different. I have seen some faucets that are actually designed to look like a waterfall feature pouring cascading water into the tub. I love that! Since you want a glamorous tub, you need something just as fancy to go with it. I say why not a towel rack that actually heats your towels? Posh and oh so soothing. To add to the beauty, I would put lavender or chamomile candles and a bowl of fresh flower petals and oils around my tub.

Let’s move onto the shower shall we? Not only does the shower have to be immense, I want stone, possibly imported from Italy or somewhere amazing to be lining my shower walls. I want my shower to have remote control features such as how fast or slow the water splashes me. I also want music in my shower. I want lighting that can be dimmed or brighter all at the touch of a button from within my shower.

The glass doors should be eye catching as well. Possibly some flecks of gold or silver in the glass or a beautifully sculpted handle for the door perhaps. When people come into my bathroom, I want their mouths to be agape.

The sink should be like a Greek fountain or bowl with the faucet that also pours into it freely. Around my sink I want fine oils and soaps for my guests to use. Above my sink I want a mirror that screams elegance. I would think possibly a golden scroll around it and an oval shape. Maybe I would like to have two matching sconces on each side as well.

For my guests, as well as myself, I would like to have an area with warm terry cloth robes and slippers for each use. With theses luxury bath accessories collections, I am sure your friends will be green with envy.

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