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How and Why To Update Microfiche

Microfiche used to be the most sought after way to store large amounts of information. Before digital options, it was the best way to store a lot of information in as little space as possible while also being able to preserve it fairly well. However, now there are digital options that just blow microfiche out of the water. Digital options require even less space and offer far more protection, preserving the information stored for lifetimes. It is fairly easy to understand why microfiche scanning services are a good option.


One of the biggest perks of transferring microfiche to digital is for security. Microfiche, while more secure than some other options, is still a risk because it is physical. Digital, though, is not physical. It is kept virtually, which makes it far more difficult to damage, especially, if it is stored in a cloud-based system. In this case, even if the machine is damaged, the information is still completely secure. Microfiche is simply more vulnerable, so microfiche scanning to digital formats makes the most sense.


Another perk of transferring to digital is that the information automatically becomes more accessible. To view microfiche, special equipment is needed. Nobody owns a microfiche machine, so if someone wants to view whatever is on the microfiche, he or she has to go to the place where the microfiche is stored and use the machine they have. With digital storage, this isn’t an issue. People can access it from any computer. They already have the equipment needed. They just have to access the site where the information is stored and get access.

This is great because it allows information to be more easily shared and allows more people access to it. Many places that still have microfiche have seen how it slows access to information. People just don’t want to have to mess with the process. So, this information is basically hidden away where nobody can access it.


Because digital information is not actually physical in nature, it has a never-ending life span. Once something goes digital, it is there forever. This is not true of microfiche. Yes, microfiche had a lot of benefits over other storage options in its day, but that is no longer true. With time, microfiche will break down and the information will be lost forever. By putting documents in digital storage, you are able to preserve it so generations to come can have access to it.

Microfiche scanning services offer a quick way to transfer microfiche to digital formats. This can be a time-consuming process to try to do on your own. Not to mention that it is important to do it correctly. In order to really reap all the benefits of transferring from microfiche to digital, the process needs to be done correctly. This requires attention to detail and careful work. Many organizations and other places that have microfiche just don’t have the time or the ability to do this. That is why it is often best to hire a professional to handle the service, so you can have a peace of mind that all records have been successfully transferred and organized into the new system.

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