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How Bodybuilders Should Consume Protein-Rich Foods and Supplements?

Many bodybuilding enthusiasts often use protein powders and shakes to improve their results. These supplements are often called as miracles in any muscle building effort. The common reasoning is that muscles are made out largely of protein, so we could build muscle mass by eating more protein-rich substances. However, this could partially be true. In general, we need to consider the amount of composition in protein-rich supplements. It should be noted that many protein-based products don’t have enough fat. Although fat may sound like something we need to avoid, its presence is important.

In general, everything we eat will be better absorbed when fat is present. That’s the reason nutritionists advise us to use oil-based dressings to maximize the benefits of vegetables and fruits in salad. In reality, the anti-fat craze could actually put our own health at risk. It is not possible to achieve health if we don’t have enough fat in our diet, no matter how much we weigh. In fact, there are numerous scientific studies that back this assumption up.

When we are consuming protein-based products, there should be some amount of fat and oil in them. It should be noted that excessive amount of carbs will undermine our effort, so we may need to avoid products with more sugar in it. Some products may contain artificial sweetener and they pose more problems. In general, it is allowable to eat any naturally-occurring fat, including the one from animals. However, it is a good idea to consume healthier unsaturated-type fats. For this reason, factory-made fats, such as partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats should be avoided whenever possible. Margarine and any fake butter can be dangerous for our health. While we need to consume butter sparingly, it is a good idea to eat more fish oil, cold-pressed flax oil and solidified coconut oil.

Egg whites are good source of healthy protein; while the admittedly tastier yolk contains some amount of cholesterol. However, yolk also contains the essential arachidonic acid, which is used to produce specific type of hormones in our body. Some of them can regulate cardiovascular functions and blood pressure. However, others can be somewhat inflammatory and cause problems on people with chronic pain. For this reason, we should eat yolk at proportional amount, but it shouldn’t be more than four complete eggs each day.

In general, there are a couple of main points that we need to get across when discussing about the consumption of protein-based foods. It is more about how we use protein supplements for bodybuilding efforts, so we could stay lean while reasonably muscular.  In general, we should eat some amount of healthy fat with our protein-based products. It is necessary to avoid consuming too much carbs and sugar with our protein-based products. Fat is essential for our health, if we can consume the right type and know how to balance them. These simple steps should help any body builder to achieve reasonable muscular growth through consumption of protein.

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