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How Much Sun Do Solar Panels Need

How much sun do solar panels in Edmonton need to generate energy? How can you turn the bounty of sunbeams into useful electricity? Read on.

The light of the sun is composed of energy. Normally, as light touches a certain object it turns into heat, just like the warmth that you feel if you are under the sun. However, if the light hits a particular material like in solar panels, the energy is turned into electrical current instead of heat, which can be used for power.

This is how solar panels work. Solar panels use sunlight and turn them into electricity. In today’s modern world, electricity is crucial as it makes every life comfortable and easy.

When turning on the lights in your home, electrons are moving through the cord and lights up the bulb. Electrons flowing are known as electricity.

A single solar panel is composed of a number of small solar cells. Every cell utilizes light to cause electrons to move. These cells are composed of two layers that are bonded together. The first layer is filled with electrons, and these electrons are ready to transfer going to the second layer. While the second layer a reduced number of electrons so it can absorb more electrons.

As sunlight touches an electron in the first layer, the electrons in this layer move into the second layer. That electron will make another electron move and in turns make another electron move and so forth. The sunlight is the one that initiates the flow of electrons.

However, just what amount of sunlight is needed for a solar panel to work? Actually, the quality and size of the solar panel will affect the effectiveness of the solar panel, however, the most influential aspect of the solar light’s performance will always be the total sunlight received.

Many solar panels have to be properly positioned under direct sunlight to obtain a maximum solar output. That is why you won’t see solar panels placed under the shade or tree. The more sunlight a solar panel can absorb, the more electricity it can produce.

Does solar panel only function if direct sunlight is absorbed?

Essentially, any volume of light can be taken in by solar cells (it does not have to sunlight), however, the total power it can create increases drastically with direct light from the sun. The sun is considered as the most abundant and powerful source of light so the more a solar panel is exposed, the more it can charge the batteries on the solar.

Thanks to Solarcor Energy for this blog post.

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