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How To Decorate A Room Without Windows

How To Decorate A Room Without Windows

One of the problems with which we can find the time to decorate the house not knowing what to do when we have a room that has no windows, nor, therefore, natural light, what we commonly call “blind room” .

Obviously, it is always desirable that the bedrooms have good ventilation, but sometimes circumstances do we allow it, and we found a room, although no windows, we need to use as a bedroom.

Just keep in mind that, while decorating a room that will be used to sleep in it, the main purpose is to create a pleasant and harmonious place, a place where we find it pleasant to be and that predisposes us to rest. If the room has some limitation, as in this case, we must be able to jump this hurdle decorating and achieve our ultimate goal.

For starters, if the room has no window has no light, so we must begin by choosing to paint a very clear color, still very desirable white and yellow, which is very bright.

The lack of light must supplement it with artificial light, placing several points of light so that give warmth to the room and make it cozy. Post a central light in the middle of the room, other places and other ceiling lamps placed strategically. Do not forget the mirrors, which, as you know, apart from making the stay seem greater, give plenty of light if you place them so that the light reflects on them.

Decorate the walls with images that give us a sense of light and outdoors, such as flowers, a sunrise, or even a city at night. You can also use vinyl, among which you’ll find plenty of choice; you can place occupying an entire wall. Or even a nice landscape framed so that looks like a window.

Some even placed in a point of the room a curtain so that all share the feeling that behind it is a real window. Although not actually there, giving the visual effect conceals much this lack of suffering the room.

Choose furniture and accessories in warm colors that make the room more inviting, but do not fill too much because then it could be overwhelming.

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