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How To Decorate Feminine Vs. Masculine Interiors

How To Decorate Feminine Vs. Masculine Interiors

When decorating an interior, its style will mainly depend on the owner’s taste. This means that an interior whose owner is a woman, will differ from the one where the owner is a man. So, the choice of the furniture and colors will be quite different. Here are several features of both feminine and masculine interiors that make ones different from another.

Feminine Interiors

When it comes to color choice, the most common colors for feminine interiors are purple, pink, red, white, beige and black. Great organization and neatness is a common feature of feminine interiors, as well as paying special attention details. So, some tufted and fluffy designs can be found in feminine interiors. Among the other feminine features, we can include chic accessories, eye-catching chandeliers, fur rugs and of course mirrors with some interesting frames.

Masculine Interiors

While women love interesting patterns and special attention to details, men prefer everything to be quite simple and straight. And when it comes to colors, dark colors, like black, grey and brown in a combo of white are the most common colors for masculine interiors. Heavy and big décor items can add a masculine vibe to an interior, and that is why men prefer to have a big widescreen to watch the football games with his friends. Among the other masculine features, we can add polished wood designs, frosted glass, natural greenery and chic rugs that can create contemporary and inviting interiors with a masculine vibe.

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