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Important Things To Consider When Installing Window Security Screens

Most people may not realize this but installing window security screens are an excellent investment for any home since they add much needed security but without compromising aesthetics and the view. However, before you install these security screens in your home there are a number of things you should know. Below we look at a few important considerations.

What exactly are these window security screen?

Generally speaking window security screens are made from strong and often reinforced stainless steel mesh. This mesh is the core of your window’s screen and is also used for door screens. The mesh is made using stainless steel fibers in most cases with more secure meshes made by drilling holes into a thick sheet of steel so that it looks like a mesh.

That said if you are looking for the best quality marine grade steel is better with aluminum mesh being second best. Steel screens are designed and manufactured to exceed Australian Standards because they are impervious to being ripped, kicked in or slashed. By their looks, they look similar to regular fly screens, and you also get all the benefits that come with a flyscreen, not to mention unobstructed view coupled with the ability for your home to receive all the fresh air and light without compromising security.

What you should look at in your security screens? 

One of the very first considerations when buying a window security screen is how it will fit on your window. In some cases you may actually be much better off by getting the screens custom made to ensure that they are a perfect fit since window sizes and styles can vary. The important thing when getting it custom made is to ensure that there aren’t any gaps within the screen.

You also need to make sure that the screens will be right in terms of style and look for the windows you want to use them on. For instance, these are perfect for any type of sliding windows yet if you have standard or old fashioned hinged windows they may not look good. The same goes for non-standard windows. With these screens you need to check first if they will not interfere with the opening and closing function of your window.

The other thing you need to consider is if the screens available with suit your home’s décor and color. However, it’s not difficult to find an array of different types of frames in different colors.

That said a lot also has to do with how the screens are installed. Ideally, you will want to get any type of window security screens installed by professionals in order to make sure that they are securely installed and so that you do not mistakenly void any warranty provided. Security screens which are properly installed have a life of around two decades and a warranty of a decade.

Consider durability and overall safety 

Despite the fact that the mesh in many high quality window security screens are extremely strong, you need to look at how the mesh has been attached to the frame. Generally there are three methods used to attach the mesh to the frame which includes using a wedge, gluing and a clamping system. Every one of these methods is effective but some of these methods happen to be a lot stronger than others so this has to be kept in mind.

The other thing you will want to consider is the locking mechanism. If you have a sliding window then the screen should have a strong lock with hinged windows having a triple point type lock so that it simply cannot be pried open with a crowbar.

When you get these window security screens installed experts like Ozzy Tuff recommend that people check to see if the screens are easy to open from the outside. They also need to check if the screens can easily be opened from the inside in the event of an emergency. Ideally, it should be a keyless lock which can open the screen from the inside since finding a key in a panic situation is not easy.

Experts like Ozzy Tuff have the highest quality, tough security screens which they can install to ensure that they work perfectly in every way.

Mark is one of the leading DIY experts in Australia. He is the author of numerous domestic DIY articles and books. Over the years he has also written extensively about security and using cheap yet security window security screes for added protection. He highly recommends that people do not compromise security by doing it themselves. 

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