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Improve Insulation and Heating

Improve Insulation and Heating

Keep your house heated well during the night in cold weather. Warmth has the capacity to absorb more moisture. The walls and windows when warm won’t allow much condensation to take place.

Double glazed windows reduces the amount  moisture settling on them.

Have cavity wall insulation installed if your house has cavity walls.

Fill in any gaps ,crevices or cracks in your walls and windows.

With rising heating costs and the current economic crisis, here are a few simple and inexpensive ways to lower your monthly heating bill. These can also lower your cooling bill, so it cuts costs in several ways.

With rising energy prices, everyone is looking for ways to keep their gas bill down the lowest possible number without just plain going without heat for the winter months says we buy houses Damon. If you’re like most American’s, these following tips can help you lower your heating bill every month and allow you to have as much heat as you need, without leaving you broke:

If you have a furnace, replace the filter. A clogged filter can make your furnace work twice as hard as it needs to, making it use up more energy in the process. If you have a central heating unit, change the filter at least once a year and if you have a heat pump, replace the filter twice a year.

In addition, when you replace your filter, use a vacuum to clean up any left over dust that has been left in the furnace or that has fallen on the floor (the dust is full of germs and can cause you to get sick in inhaled, so wearing a mask is advised.) There’s no use in changing a filter and then leaving accumulated dust to just get into the new filter right away.

Get a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to program what temperatures you want and when, so in case you forget to set it yourself, the thermostat will change to the most energy efficient setting at the right time.

Insulation in both the walls and ductwork; insulation increases your home’s ability to retain heat, which means you will not have to run your heating system all day and night. Most people understand placing it in the walls, but all duct work should also be insulated.

Clean heaters before using them, this will allow for the heaters to work at their best and not use twice the amount of energy as it needs (similar to number 1 with the furnace, both need to be clean in order to work at 100%)

Cover air conditioners that are not in use and weather-strip around air conditioners and windows. If you can see light around your air conditioner unit or windows, then your warm air is going out of those open areas and not staying in your home, where you need it most. You can buy foam tape to weather-strip around your air conditioner and windows.

These are just some easy to follow tips on how to keep your energy bill low and none of these fixes are cheap in themselves and save more money in the long run.

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