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Lovely Places To Trek from Chennai

Lovely Places To Trek from Chennai

Chennai being the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu has a lot of attraction within. There are huge number people who stay there for work purpose or just because it is their city of origin.

Many organizations are there in Chennai which arranges trekking sessions over long weekends and holidays. If you are a trekking freak and you are searching for places to trek in Chennai then here are some suggestions which you can take a look at.

Goa-Forest to Coast: The journey starts from 2nd September at 10 AM in the morning and ends on 5th September, 10 PM in the evening. One has to book their tickets with Rs 9500 if they are eager to go this trip. This is a not very difficult trek session and if you are a beginner, then this one is just right for you. The trek duration is 2 days and the trip duration is 4 days. The destination here is specifically South Goa and one can get to see some quintessential seaside villages along with some pristine beaches and innumerable waterfalls. One can get to spend a day in the tribal village and get to see their culture as well. The trekking is through the dense tropical forest and people can also have a dig on the delicious local Goa cuisines. Monsoon is the best time of the year to go this place for trekking as one can see greener forests, but one can also go there during any seasons. In this trip, one also has a chance to visit the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary this one spreads over an area of 211 square kilometres and this one has a good bird and mammal populations. Then there is Gokarna, which is a quiet seaside and one can get to see the natural beauty of a sea beach there.

Sandakphu_Phallu Trek: This trek starts from 17th September at 10 AM in the morning and ends on 23rd September. Organized by the ‘Natures Walkers’ the registration amount for this trek is Rs 9350. This peak is the highest one of the Singalila National Park and it has a breathtaking view of the four highest peaks in the world. They are Mt Makalu (8481 m), Mt Lotse (8571 m), Mt Kanchenjunga (8598 m) and Mt Everest (8848 m). If you get to see the peaks early in the morning, then it is a view and experience of a lifetime for sure. The forest of Singalila also has a lot of wildlife species and red panda is the most famous one of them all.  Though it is very rare to spot this animal because they are very shy in nature. The route for this trek is through the India and Nepal border and this one is a long distance trek. One definitely should have a professional guide to do this trek. All the instructions are to be followed thoroughly. This one is definitely not for the beginners.

One can enjoy many other places for trekking near the city.

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