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Numerous Opportunities For Electronics and Communication Engineers

Electronic and communication engineering is the utilization and application of science and mathematics to the practical problems in the field of communication. The professionals of this particular branch engage in research, design, development and testing of electronic equipments that are used in various communication systems. It is because of the contribution of these engineers we use and enjoy such modern communication devices such as cellular telephones, radios, televisions and so on.  If you have the passion and interest in repairing or developing electronic communication systems and devices, then an engineering degree in electronics and communication would be the right one for you. Many renowned institutes in the country like the best engineering university in Dehradun offer electronics and communication engineering programs to prepare the students for careers like system engineers, research engineers, control engineers and so forth. The programs are rigorous with an emphasis given on math and science, and include topics such as wireless, digital, data and fiber optic communications.

This particular branch also deals with electronic devices and systems which are developed for the function of processing, analyzing, protecting, storing and transferring the information. Students earning the degree from this particular branch usually get placed into electronic and communication sectors. Apart from that, various other industries which offer job opportunities to these graduates are aviation and avionics, manufacturing, electricity generation and distribution, radio, computer applications and so on. Graduate with electronics and communication engineering degree has vast range of available opportunities where he/she can invest the knowledge and skills. As a fresher, these graduates can be hired as-

Optical Transmission Engineer

Transmission refers to the process of sending and propagating a digital information signal or an analogue over a transmission medium. Transmission medium may be wired through optical fibre or wireless. Information can also be sent from one to another point or from one point to multiple points. The role of these professionals is to design and develop optical systems and devices. They plan and design activities so as to assure high efficiency of operating system.

Service Engineer

Service engineers repair, design or install equipments, tools or products from vast field of technology. They usually carry their work of installation or repair on site, where site refers to the working place where the installation is done.  

NOC (Network Operation Centre) Engineer

These professionals monitor the progress of the work process and check that all service level and its agreement are achieved. They respond proactively to the problems faced and come up with prompt and effective solutions.

Electronic and communication systems and devices have become inseparable from us. Starting from office and school to college and shopping malls to smartphones and laptops, everywhere or everything is connected with them. If you want to be a part of this electronic euphoria, you should definitely pursue this engineering program and contribute for the positive development of the society.

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