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Pantyhose Is A Symbol Of Elegant Women

Decades have passed and pantyhose is still used nowadays. Way back, it was worn by women to cover up their bare legs. It was not only trend in the early years but it was also a way of dressing elegantly and conservatively.

Today, mos women are into a fashion trend involving mini skirts and shorts. However, they see pantyhose as a garment meant only to be worn by office ladies. They do not realize that these stockings are not only quite useful but they also add a very sexy mystery to the wearer, just like in the yesteryear.

Top 7 Reasons Why Woman Should Wear Pantyhose

These garments are now available in different colors, as they are not only used in formal occasions exclusively anymore since they are now used with casual outfits. They are not even expensive; they are definitely cheaper than a pedicure and a leg wax. Pantyhose could be your lifesaver on lazy hurried days of yours!

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