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Picking Work Surfaces For A Luxury Kitchen

Luxury kitchens are an exciting way to update your home but they can be expensive, and with so many things to think about it can rapidly become quite overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be though. All your hard work and savings won’t be wasted so long as you’re really careful with your spend.

Consider just how you use the room and which sorts of features you want to focus on. The kitchens you can buy in store tend to be designed for a budget, and while the cheaper price points might seem tempting, the quality will be considerably worse – and you’ll end up having to go through the whole arduous process again in just a few years.

You want something which is build and designed for the long run. This probably won’t be your first kitchen, or one which you’re trying to put in in a hurry. After years of planning just what you’d have if every aspect of the room could be custom, it’s finally your chance.

After all, you just want something which will suit you for however long you’re in that house, and something which will go the distance as well.

Work surfaces can be particularly expensive, and so it’s well worth doing your research rather than just launching into a rash decision based on what you’ve seen at your friend’s house, or something you’ve noticed is a bit cheaper.

Work surfaces need to be stain, heat, and scratch resistant. You want something which is easy clean but which also looks great, and if you can do all that without breaking the bank then all the better. It’s your luxury kitchen after all, you deserve the best.

Granite or Marble

Granite and marble are quite costly, but they fit in beautifully with almost all luxury kitchens, and it really is a material which will last you. It means you’re getting great value. There is also a lot of choice when it comes to colour, and you can opt for the more common polished surface, or a matt finish.

There are lots of products on the market which are specifically designed for keeping your granite looking spick and span. Slab granite tops can be manufactured to the exact requirements of a counter and here the weight of the slab will actually determine the size. It is quite common for such slabs to have special edges and decorative features which form a permanent part of the counter top.

Granite counter tops make for surfaces that are very hard and easy to clean and maintain. Their hardness is compared to diamond, and it is actually diamonds that are used in the cutting and polishing tools that make the final product that actually fits on to your kitchen counter top. You can safely keep very hot pots and pans on a granite counter top without fear of it causing any damage like blisters. Granite never absorbs oil or hot grease, especially if it has been treated with a silicone impregnator. You can even use the counter top directly to knead and roll out dough, something that you will find being done in large hotel kitchens.


Wooden work surfaces need to be treated with slightly more care, however if you’re looking at country style luxury kitchens then it will fit in perfectly. While you can’t put pans down without the risk of scolding the wood, it’s still pretty robust. You’ll be saving a fair few pennies as well, and the finish is beautiful.

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