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Pool Safety Nets vs Pool Fences

Safety is often a high priority for people with swimming pools, especially those who have animals or young children that are unable to swim and thus may find themselves in difficulty should they accidentally fall into the pool. As such, there are a number of products available to enhance the safety of the pool area.

Two of these are pool nets and pool fences. Both offer specific advantages that will ensure more vulnerable people don’t end up in difficulty, so consider all of the following when making your purchase.

Pool Fences

As the name implies, pool safety fences are barriers that will go around the pool in order to prevent people from entering the pool area unless you allow them to. There are a number of variations available, from permanent structures made using iron through to temporary fences that can be put up when you have company over and removed again when the pool area is safe.

When choosing a fence you not only need to consider factors like the aesthetic quality of the fence, but also how easy it is to climb for older children and the view that it affords you of the pool area. Furthermore, you must ensure that fence remains locked at all times when the pool is not in use.

However, due to their permanent and secure qualities, pool fences are considered the best choice for people with children or animals that live in the home.

Pool Nets

Pool nets, on the other hand, are a better solution for those who have children over on a sporadic basis, such as grandparents. Furthermore, they allow for an unobstructed view of the pool, which allows you to see who is in it at any given time, thus allowing you to react if an issue does occur.

Furthermore, some states may place restrictions on the type of pool fence that you can purchase, which could require the navigation of a large amount of paperwork that could prove troublesome to some. In these cases a pool net is often the best option.

In terms of operation, a pool net will go over the entire pool and prevent access to the water. However, you need to bear in mind that the nature of netting could lead to smaller legs or arms getting stuck, which may present a problem in its own right. Furthermore, you will need to ensure that the net is fully removed when you want to use the pool and properly applied when you want to keep people out, which may require more vigilance on your part.

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