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Relief from Joint Pain With Glucosamine

Wear and tear on the joints often increase with age or repetitive stress on joints. The body is capable of restoring some of the cartilage and reducing inflammation, but it requires proper nutrients to do so. Especially as people age, the aches and pains in joints often become more pronounced. Whilst medical options exist to ease the pain, pharmaceuticals generally do not help repair damaged tissue. Cartilage, in particular, is like a cushion between joints and only repairable with nutrients. Glucosamine can help rebuild cartilage and provide relief from pain.

Pain Relief

Joint pain results from many different conditions. It is always best to check with a physician to discover the actual cause. Often, the cause is simply wear and tear on the joints causing thinning of the cartilage. This frequently occurs in the knees, as they endure most of the body’s weight. If this is the case, glucosamine can help, particularly when combined with chondroitin and other nutrients such as vitamin C. This helps to build an important protein called collagen, repairing damaged cartilage.

Over time, as joints receive nutrients to help them heal, pain relief is experienced. Sometimes the pain relief is significant whilst other times it can be moderate. Regardless, it does take time to build up and you will need to go through several bottles of supplements in order to experience optimal results.

How it Works

Glucosamine is naturally present in cartilage, bone, and connective tissues in our bodies. With age and stress, it breaks down and depletes. By supplementing this vital nutrient, the body is able to rebuild tissues which support weight and movement. Think of it this way: Young children are like rubber bands. They seem to be able to bend in ways most adults can only dream of. This is because their bodies are literally loaded with the nutrients and they have not yet experienced the stresses of age. However, as we get older, the amount of nutrients in our bodies decreases.

By replacing nutrients, we may not become as flexible as a child again, but we shall certainly become more resilient. It is all simply a matter of providing the body with the building blocks it needs to regain better health. As the body becomes stronger, damage is repaired and pain fades.

Complimentary Supplements

There are numerous dietary supplements which help glucosamine work more efficiently. One of these is called chondroitin, often found in combination. Another is the mineral called manganese, which helps to build the important protein collagen. Vitamin C assists as well. Ideally, you will find all of these together in a single supplement so you need not purchase too many bottles of different nutrients.

Fish oils have also been shown to be beneficial for joint health. There is much scientific evidence to support this. As a result, you can typically find fish oil supplements at the same websites you find other joint health supplements. Fish oils are an efficient way to deliver essential, healthy fatty acids to the body. These fatty acids support healthy inflammatory responses and joint health.

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