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Save Money With Replacement Doors For Your Home

Your home is likely your biggest lifetime investment. Exterior replacement doors for your house gives your investment a fresh look while helping save you money. Replacing your doors also adds to the resale value and security of your home.

Doors are a Sound Investment

A study done by Remodeling magazine and REALTOR® Magazine compared the average cost for 35 popular remodeling projects against the value those projects had at resale. The survey found that door replacement was first with the largest return on investment. An estimated 96.6 percent of door replacement costs are recouped upon resale of a home.

Make a Good First Impression

Your home’s front door is a major part of what your neighbors, visitors and passersby see. Since it’s the first impression people will have, you’ll want a door that reflects the pride you have in your house. Replacing your door with a newer model helps beautify your home by giving it a fresh and updated look.

Save Money on Energy Bills

When you replace your old, drafty door with one that has a good fit, you’re eliminating air leakage from where the door meets the frame. This leakage can add up over time, as cold or hot air continuously enters. This makes your heating or air conditioning system work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, which costs your more money in energy bills.

 Once a replacement door is installed, you’re now keeping the exterior climate outdoors and your heated or cooled air inside. These energy and money savings build quickly, giving you a return of investment that’s substantial to offset the cost of the door.

Increased Security

The front door of your home is likely to see the most traffic. Doors wear from this frequent use. They also weather and warp from the elements over the years, offering little in the way of securing your entrance.

 Replacement doors come in durable materials that resist wear, weathering, as well as offering heightened security. A new replacement door made from durable materials, like steel or hardwood, is a secure and sturdy barrier between your family and unwanted intruders.

Protecting Your New Investment

When choosing a replacement door for the exterior of your home, a well-made one will last for years with proper shielding from the elements. Consider installing an overhang if you don’t already have one. Also, buy the door, frame and other components from the same manufacturer for a complete entry package that works well together as an efficient system.

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