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SEO: Not The Sole Web Site Success Factor

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is obsessing website owners and marketers. They assume that should Google make a website its preferred choice, it shall attract zillions of visitors. Hence they strive to optimize websites to the minutest detail and the trend is to see further optimization. The competition among website owners in this respect is so intense that most attention is devoted to optimization, and they harbor expectations that high ranks in search engines are tantamount to reaping success online. Sadly, there may be great disappointment in store, when they find that SEO is not the sole website optimization factor.

SEO will not guarantee high website sales  

Your website may have been flawlessly optimized, using the most appropriate keywords; however, that does not mean visitors will become your customers. There are factors that attract potential customers: your products’ qualities, how intense competition is in the area, the shopping ease shopping at your site, and the payment methods you offer… Don’t assume the higher the traffic, the larger the sales. Intensive site traffic via Google search may mean prospective customers’ research and compare before they decide.

SEO does not guarantee visitors will instantly take to your site

It can lead to resentment. If in designing your site your primary concern is Search Engine rather than prospective visitors’ comfort, you may be disappointed when they spend a couple of seconds there. A glaring example is copy written to please Search Engines, overburdening it with keywords and complicated expressions. SEO is not the sole guarantee of your website’s success.

SEO will not attract customers to your brand

Attracting customers is closely intertwined with the above, if you don’t enhance the content, web design, user friendliness, the inevitable result will be visitors will promptly forget it and will not revert (unless they hit it in another search). Should you believe SEO will guarantee lasting success and forget that visitors look for buying a product, you will be disappointed.

SEO is similar to a central position in a popular shopping mall, a tool to find you while searching for a product you sell. So if you concentrate your efforts on SEO, not allotting sufficient attention to improving your site, making it more attractive (in terms of content, user friendliness, enticing design), the result will be prospective customers will drop in and hasten to leave, not coming back. Whether following the rules of a SEO guide to the dot, or employing an agency specialized in Search Engine Optimization that is concerned solely with search engine rankings, give a serious thought to attractiveness and user friendliness, and think of combining SEO efforts with enhancing the appeal and ease of use for prospective customers, in order to take them by storm.

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