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Things To Avoid When Hiring A Right Candidate

Advantages Offered By Pre-Employment Test

A job interview is a better opportunity that gives both the parties be it the hiring manager or candidate to come up with right source and understand if that can be the right platform to grow or not. However, it requires a lot of preparation to be done not only by the candidate but also by the hiring manager. That is why there are some things which you as a recruiter need to pay extra attention to or follow when interviewing the future employees and thus avoid making crucial mistakes of wrong hiring

Posting the Ad: Think well before you publish it

Times can be when you would want people to know about your job opening roles that your company is currently providing. However, when posting the job ad; be it in newspaper or online portal you must pay extra attention to what you are actually posting. It should not be too generic abut must be too the point. It must clear doing the personality traits and experiences which you expect from a candidate to do. You need to understand the fact that when you are posting such job you are actually blocking your own time and the time of the candidate who would be appearing for the interview in your company.

Do not disclose crucial point:

Often to tempt the candidate’s many companies to post the salary description thinking it might be actually an eye-catching concept. However, this fact is absolutely wrong. Rather those who have good skills might not be really happy with salary bar that you are showcasing and may not even appear for the interview. That is why, to make sure you don’t lose out those potential candidates, make sure you decide on the right platform in terms of describing the job profile. Make sure you, however, clear the task and responsibilities that you expect a person to actually undertake. These way candidates who would be appearing for your company’s opening may also prepare themselves well.

Explain about the Assessment platform:

You don’t really have to disclose what kind of assessment you actually would be organizing, but you need to make them understand what all things they must make themselves prepared. For this, create a brief description of the level of interview, your company may take and the expected time for which they need to make up their mind. Whether it is the psychometric test that you are conducting or it is the technical round of interview. It is important to be specific about the level of rounds which a candidate would have to appear. This would give the person clear ideas on what grounds will your company be actually recruiting.

Understand that we as hiring manager ten to look for the candidate who has been having the similar job profile currently in their recent company. But it is equally true that it will limit you down to explore their creativity, potentiality, and innovation. There are many candidates whom you ignore because of such approach and you never know they might be a perfect fit for the job.

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