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Unwritten Rules For Wedding Guests No One Will Tell You

As wedding season looms ahead, the single thought of the open bar needs to be placed at the back of your list of priorities. There is a lot of responsibility involved with being a wedding guest, and it is much easier to make mistakes than to get everything right.

The actual wedding planning was likely difficult enough for the bride and groom, having guests that show up unprepared and not following the rules will create unneeded stress for the newlyweds. Some of the unwritten rules for wedding guests might seem obvious to some, and not so obvious to others. This of course will be easily solved by following the following rules we have stated in this article! Whether you’re going to a Chateau wedding or a UK beach wedding, get ready to learn some must-know tips! 


Send Your RSVP, ASAP

First of all, if you have received a wedding invitation and have not RSVP back straight away, you are already making your first mistake. This is imperative for the couple to know if they can even attend the wedding or not. Perhaps you have been waiting to confirm the time that is free for you to attend. This is fine, but make it faster! The couple is waiting to spend thousands of pounds for their guests to attend their dream wedding, so do them the bare minimum and let them know if you can attend or not.


Unannounced Plus Ones

Take a good look at your wedding invitation, does it say to bring a plus one? If not, take it for what it is as the invitation is for you and you only! Do not waste any time trying to convince the people who invited you to let you bring a friend they have never met, because quite simply why would they want them there? Bringing a guest unannounced and uninvited is the biggest nono for wedding etiquette, so if you are desperately looking for a friend to join you, arrange to meet up with your mutual acquaintances who are also attending.


Don’t Wear White 

If there is one rule that should come to you instinctively, it is that you should avoid wearing white at all costs. White clothing on your wedding day is extremely rude, as traditionally the bride should be the only one wearing white. Perhaps the newlyweds are looking to host an unconventional wedding that does not involve them wearing white, in which case it might be acceptable to wear something white. Regardless, stay safe and stay away from wearing white at all costs.


Follow The Dress Code

For the general dress code, you should follow the exact advice that you are given. This is the easiest way to avoid any fashion failures at the wedding and to also avoid sticking out like a sore thumb. If your wedding invitation says to wear green, wear a green wedding guest dress, it’s that simple! If you are undecided on what wedding guest dresses will be acceptable for the event, create a group chat with some of the guests you are friends with to discuss what you will all be wearing.


Switch Off Your Phone 

Furthermore, it should be no surprise that switching your phone off during the ceremony should be abided by without any hesitation. How would you like someone’s loud and obnoxious phone ringing whilst you are trying to finish your vows with the one you love? Having your phone on loud is one of the worst wedding etiquette to have, so make sure your phone is off or on silent until it is time to boogie on the dance floor!


Avoid Getting Too Boozy 

Whilst the free bar and wedding booze are tempting to take advantage of, you should avoid having too much. Getting overly drunk at a wedding is not good at all, especially if it leaves the bride and groom embarrassed for inviting you in the first place. Take it slow with the booze, and if you are going to drink make sure it is only the amount you can handle. As soon as you feel as though it is too much, get some food and sober up!


Ask About Your Kids

If you have children you should not assume that they will be automatically invited. If couples do not want kids there they will more than likely make this clear on the wedding invite. If you are not certain if they are invited, there is no harm in asking the couple to confirm.


Remember To Gift

Some wedding guests do not understand the importance of gifting the couple. The wedding gift is essential whether you get them a physical gift or a cash transfer, it must be done. Some couples again will state on the wedding invite or create a wedding invite where they request cash gifts to a specific pot of money to pay for their honeymoon. On the other hand, the couple might expect gifts for the wedding, so make sure you get them a gift that you would genuinely enjoy receiving on your wedding day.


Be On Time

Additionally, being on time is essential for weddings. The ceremony and wedding party will be at different times, but there is no room for being late for the ceremony. It would be very bad etiquette to walk into the wedding after the bride and groom have entered, so make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to give everyone time to settle and calm down. You should especially leave time if you do not know the area of the venue well.


Allow For Photography 

The final important thing for guests to keep in mind is that there will be photography everywhere, therefore you should be prepared to be papped from all angles. Some guests try to stay away from the camera which is really bad wedding etiquette. The day is not about you of course, but making sure that you show the happy couple that you are very happy to be there through the use of candid photography is the latest you can do. Make sure you make an effort to get in photos with the bride and groom, as they want the memories of their special day to last forever.


Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many rules for wedding guests which are not explicit, but they should always be followed. Make sure that you follow all of the suggestions and prepare for the big day to avoid any last-minute surprises.

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