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Use 3D Design Software To Create Your Ultimate Bathroom

Designing a bathroom from the ground up is not easy, in fact the process can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Jim Gibson from explains that there are a myriad of design choices to make. Everything from the placement of furniture and cabinetry, to the colors and best looking finishes must be meticulously planned out.

What is the best way for a person to get a handle on everything that goes into the design process? Through the use of the latest 3D software you will be able to create a design that will be everything you are looking for.

When you hire a designer who is an expert with this type of software you will take all of the guess work out of the planning and building process. A skilled 3d designer can quickly plot out your bathroom to an exact scale and begin laying out all of the details you envision being in it.

Check the fit.

When this software is used effectively it will quickly become apparent if all of the furnishings and fixture placement is going to comfortably fit into the given space. Whenever a problem crops up, the design can easily be altered in thousands of different ways to address any issues.

Fit of course is not all that you should be concerned with. Placement and flow are equally important to a good bathroom design. You do not want the space to look like it has been packed like a can of sardines, nor do you want to have large gaps and awkward angles.

Once everything you want has been included into the design you can begin the process of changing shapes, sizes, adding or subtracting furniture and fixtures until you have found configuration that not only maximizes the usefulness of the space, but looks nice as well.

The decorative aspect of this space is one that should not be overlooked. It is important that the bathroom is visually appealing.

How does the Space look?

The look of the space is going to be largely dictated by the color choices that are made. In the past this has been an issue that was as much a guessing game as anything else, but with 3D design software it is possible to quickly sift through different color arrangements until one is found that really resonates with you.

Additionally it is often possible to create the look of various tiles and other building materials within these programs thanks to computer aided design, known as CAD drawings, that many manufacturers make of their goods. You no longer have to guess about the visual appeal of a tile type in your bathroom, you can see it rendered on the computer first hand.

The final element of the design that will play a major role in how your bathroom will look is the lighting. From dark and moody, to light and airy, your lighting choices will set the tone for your bathroom. Make sure to consider the direction and placement of the lights in order to maximize their utility, while not sacrificing on the relaxing nature of the space.

Consider all your Design Choices.

Ultimately what makes this type of software so great is that it empowers the end user. You can easily sift through a multitude of design choices like the layout, colors, finishes, and anything else you can imagine. You can see all of these choices rendered on the computer screen so you will know exactly what your bathroom will look like.

You do not have to consider the different elements of the bathroom in isolation from one another. By putting them together in the 3D design you can rest assured that when the entire process is complete, you will be left with a bathroom that you will love.


Amy Rice enjoys writing about bathrooms designs and bathroom accessories, when not writing she goes swimming with her daughter.

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