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What Will A Bathroom Renovation London or Nearby Cost?

A bathroom redo will cost a lot less than building a new bathroom on to your home, but there are still a number of factors you will need to look at before your put your budget together. There are a number of companies that do bathroom renovation London area if you look in your local directory but they may not all be reliable and it is often advisable to get an estimate of costs on your own before you contemplate a bathroom redo.

The cost of a bathroom redo will be significantly reduced if you do not change the layout of the bathroom too much. When you don’t completely change placement, your plumbing and electrical costs can be greatly reduced. You can also choose to leave out the tub in favour of a large shower instead. If you have a tub in the family bathroom and you are remodelling your en-suite bathroom, you may want to skip the huge bathtub that costs a fortune and takes up unnecessary space.

Can you re-use the bathroom vanity? When doing a bathroom renovation London homes from the Victorian era or even the early half of the 20th century, you may find that you need to redo all the cupboards and shelving in the bathroom. Many of the older bathrooms had very low vanities that are actually uncomfortable to work with, so you may choose one a little higher and more comfortable to use. While you are looking at some of the antiquated items when doing your bathroom renovation London properties and others in the greater London area, much of the plumbing would need to be remodelled as well. Your plumbing offers today can include various shower heads as well as the placements to give you the perfect shower. You can also upgrade your basin to one that works better for your modern lifestyle.

The addition of grab bars might be of use, especially if you plan to be living in the home for a long time. Grab handles are great near the bath and shower to assist you when getting out of the bath or off a shower bench. Make sure these are fitted properly by a professional so that they are able to handle weight if needed.  They need to be securely anchored in to the wall.

Are you planning on adding a shower seat? This is often not a huge additional cost and can be quite useful, especially for a home with older people living in it. You can also look at shower niches, mood lighting, mirrors and so forth to spruce up the bathroom.

You might even want to look at the small, nitty-gritty details such as where to place the toilet paper holder before the whole project gets going.  A professional company will be able to advise you on what is available plus where you can look at cutting costs if you have a limited budget.

When doing a bathroom renovation London or nearby, check with your local companies to get an idea of the cost of your project, do your research to choose a great company to use and then enjoy the fun of picking out the decorations and tiling. You will soon be enjoying your new, modern, renovated bathroom.

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