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What You Need To Know About Bathroom Renovations in Leeds – UKBathroomGuru

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1.Do you do both renovation or remodeling of a bathroom?

We install bathrooms from start to finish, supplying all the necessary trades and project managing the whole process, so you don’t have to!

This can be:

We fit cost effective landlord bathrooms (we have contracts with a few letting local agents currently as they believe in the quality of our work & service) to massively indulgent domestic bathrooms that require much more work and many more trades.

We provide advice and guidance during a FREE site survey, and we have a blog with lots of articles that cover frequently asked questions and show you examples of our recent work so you can see we take pride in our work.

Our focus is on doing a proper job for a fair price in a reasonable time..

Please see our FAQ’s here for more information:

2.Do you come up with the new design or should I get that done by another person?

You do not need to deal with another single person regarding your bathroom project (unless you want to!)

I can deal with the whole project from planning, pricing & design all the way through to implementation and beyond. This ensures that what gets ‘designed’ actually works in the space and with your existing layout, drainage, heating system etc! Salesmen in bathroom showrooms cannot do this without setting foot in your house – it is impossible!

The design is usually done during a free site survey where I personally come to your house and discuss your bathroom installation needs, whether you are looking to simply refresh your bathroom to sell your house or want a full scale installation that will involve a multi-disciplined team of builders, plumbers, plasterers, joiners, tilers, floor fitters etc.

I will measure up the room and look at your current plumbing & drainage facilities which will affect the layout of the new bathroom, as well as your boiler / hot water system and your fuse box. I may also take a couple of photos as a reference for when I am pricing up the work later.

After talking to you for a while I will make some suggestions as to what I think will work in your space, and we will then come up with a design based on your requirements and budget.

If you get in touch with me via phone, email or the call back form on my site I can arrange a FREE site survey.

More information about the whole process from 1st contact with me all the way through to your finished bathroom can be found here:

3.How long does it take to renovate/remodel a bathroom?

Your bathroom installation should take between 1-2 weeks depending on the amount of work required, with many jobs starting on a Monday finishing the around the following Wednesday (we may work on a Saturday as well.)

I am able to do this due to my experience in project managing bathroom installations, combined with the team of local tradesmen I have built up over the past few years working in Leeds.

Project management gives you a single point of contact for simplicity & accountability, making it easier for you as a client to communicate your wishes to the people who will be responsible for carrying out the work.

It also retains liability in one place, and ensures that any problems with your installations do not fall through the cracks between the trades.

Centrally controlled installations by an experienced project manager are much less likely to go wrong, over budget or over schedule.

For more information please see here:

During a typical bathroom installation we also do the following to limit disruption:

4.So how much should a full bathroom renovation cost?

Generally speaking, my bathrooms cost between £3K & 8K with the majority being £4-£5K, with all labour and materials provided.

This will includes a FREE site survey & bathroom plan prior to installation as well as the installation costs:

We work to detailed, itemised estimates with fixed costs, so you can budget properly without fear of unexpected skyrocketing prices.

My focus is on quality and longevity of installation and providing genuine value, not being the cheapest around, and more information can be found on the subject here: AND

Also, to give you another indication

5.What do I need to do to before you arrive to prepare for my bathroom renovation?

The 1st thing to say is that before I arrive we will have a set start date and rough end date (based on the level of work required) and we will have agreed all of the details regarding your particular bathroom installation eg suite choice, tile choice, wall finish, waste disposal arrangements etc.

So, before the installation begins I would ask you to do the following:

Clear out the bathroom of all personal belongings  – everything left in there may be skipped otherwise!

Remove any pictures, ornaments or obstructions on the walls, window cills or floor between the main door to the house and the bathroom – Manoeuvring heavy steel baths and / or large shower enclosures upstairs is not the easiest of tasks at the best of times and the less things in the way that could be damaged, the better.

If possible, clear out the cupboards by the stop tap (if having plumbing work done) and the fuse box (if having electrical work done) as we will inevitably need to access these locations. Again, please clear any personal belongings out of the bathroom and mark any items that you wish to keep e.g. toilet roll holders, mirrors etc.

Ask me any final questions you may have as things will move quickly once we begin!

I also ask for you to clear a spare bedroom adjacent to the bathroom or an area in the garage (if possible) to allow for storage of items ready to be installed: bath, toilet, tiles etc. This space helps to smooth the whole renovation process, meaning that the job will be completed quicker and thus you will have to deal with the disruption for less time.

PS I do have public liability insurance which covers me for any damage caused to your property or possessions whilst working in your property, though this is a last resort, and one which I have not yet had to resort to.

6.Are your bathroom renovations covered by a guarantee?

You should gain peace of mind as we offer:

7.Do I have to buy all the items needed for renovations or will you do that?

Generally I will supply all the items you require so you don’t have to worry about sourcing all the items required.

I prefer to work this way as I have good relationship with a local family run bathroom supplier that provides good products for a reasonable price with excellent service (not what you get on the web, where a damaged item may mean weeks of frustrating attempts at getting a replacement)

However, if you have found some tiles that you really love and want to supply them then this is also fine, as long as you let me know the details so I can price accordingly.

Similarly, if you already have a bathroom suite that you want fitting, then this is also fine but I’d recommend getting me to supply the suite from my local suppliers as

  1. a) I can guarantee the quality  
  2. b) I can get replacements quickly and easily should they be required due to transit damage etc.

I also recommend speaking to a bathroom installer in your home before you commit to buying anything (EVEN IN A SALE!) to ensure that it will work in its intended location and will suit your current plumbing system.

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