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When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Prune Trees?

Determining the optimum time for you to prune the trees on your backyard is imperative. Pruning trees at the wrong time of the year can incur irreversible damages to your trees. While pruned trees at the right time are stronger and productive, knowing the right time to prune trees will greatly depend on the kind of tree you will be working with.

Requisites for pruning trees will not only depend on the type of trees but also with the purpose of pruning. If you want to prune trees simply because there are dead branches or if the tree is causing a safety hazard, it can be done anytime. But, it’s important to take into consideration the overall health of the tree before addressing pruning problems. It’s also vital to know that certain diseases can spread if trees are pruned at the improper time. Oak trees, for example, must be pruned during the winter season when it is dormant to stop the spread of a disease known as oak wilt.

It is common practice for most deciduous trees to be pruned during a light summer. Heavy tree pruning must be done if the tree is dormant, which is during late winter before it starts to actively grow. Trees like maple trees bleed out sap and must be pruned when it’s dormant during the winter season. Any type of pruning helps by improving tree growth, therefore it is highly recommended not to prune trees during the late part of a season to prevent the risk of cold temperatures destroying new growth.

Before you start to take on the task of pruning your trees, ensure that your plans will not affect any legal constraints.

When it comes to pruning trees, there are a number of rules surrounding such task including the location of the tree and how much work you are going to entail on it. Sometimes you will be required to apply a formal application to your local council before you begin to prune a tree, particularly if the tree is located in an area near Council land or it has a protection order against it. In this case, professional Edmonton Arborists like those at Timbertrim Treeworks can be of help.

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