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Why Little Rock is One of the Most Underrated State Capitals

When you think of state capitals in the United States, there are probably a few that immediately spring to your mind. You might think of the capitals of larger states like Sacramento, California or Austin, Texas. You might also think of state capitals known for tourism that you hope to visit one day like Honolulu, Hawaii or Boston, Massachusetts.

Little Rock Arkansas may not be the first capital you think of because Arkansas is not the biggest state or known for tourism. For these reasons, Little Rock is underrated, and there are actually plenty of fun things to do and see in this state capital. Here is why Little Rock is one of the most underrated state capitals, and all of the fun things there are to do there:


Part of what leads to Little Rock and Arkansas in general being underrated is its location. Arkansas, and by association Little Rock, are not necessarily hot spots for tourists, who may be traveling to neighboring states specifically for vacations. People may be vacationing to Tennessee, Louisiana, or Texas, but they may overlook Arkansas, which shares a border with these states.

Even within Arkansas, the capital of Little Rock may be overlooked by residents, who prefer to take trips to the burgeoning Northwest Arkansas region. However, overlooking this underrated state capital based on location would be a mistake. Little Rock is centrally located within the state, and the state is centrally located in the Southern region. There are definitely perks to Little Rock’s centralized location.

History and Culture

Little Rock is especially underrated when you consider all of the history and culture in the city. While people may immediately think of other capital cities when they think of these attributes, Little Rock is also an important and significant state capital when it comes to history and culture.

In Little Rock, you can visit the historic Little Rock Central High School, several history museums, and historic neighborhoods and districts. There are also many cultural attractions, including the Arkansas Repertory Theater, the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. You can also visit the Clinton Presidential Center. With all of these amazing historic and cultural sites in Little Rock, this state capital should not be overlooked.

Business and Commerce

When it comes to thinking of state capitals that are business centers and commerce hubs, again, Little Rock may not be at the top of your list. But perhaps it should be. With several business headquarters and regional centers in the city, this state capital should not be overlooked when it comes to business either.

Companies such as Dillard’s and Heifer International have headquarters in the city. Companies such as Amazon and AT&T have large offices in the city.

If all of this information has you considering the capital of Arkansas in a new light, you may be thinking of making this capital your new home. If that is the case, there are plenty of Little Rock houses for sale should you decide to plant your roots in this underrated state capital. Based on location, cultural and historic attractions, and business opportunities, Little Rock should not be underrated anymore.

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