High traffic is much important factor in success of a blog. Continuous struggles have to be performed to get high traffic. You may follow the described 10 points for traffic generation and you will see your blog growing every day.

1) Headings:

In online global race, you have just few seconds to grip visitors’ attention. Readers decide to read more or not about a topic just having a glance to the headings. Create interest and better attention in your post headings but keywords use in heading should also be given preference.

2) SEO:

Learn basic SEO tactics to write posts because you can’t get lofty traffic without considering its effectiveness. Research a lot from this topic and try to include SEO posts in your blogs. Many viewers like to read and comment on this very unique topic. It can provide necessary help in writing and also generating desired level traffic.

3) Lists:

Posts written in list have ability to attract a reader’s attention. People have bird-eye-view while scanning online result and they don’t read each word. Post written in list gives readers ease to have what they are in search and they prefer such posts.

4) Controversy:

Controversy when overdone has a potential to lost viewers who deviate too often. Random controversy should be adopted which facilitate readers to comment. You may select a traditional practice in your niche to ask its usefulness. Don’t use “wrong”; just take other visions against it.

5) Advertisement:

Advertising is effective tool to get traffic. Online advertisement includes pay for links, ad on other web site or a banner. Forum posting or blog commenting is also free advertisement methods. You include links in them while commenting or posting.

6) Blog Commenting:

Finding the related post and commenting on it with your post’s link gets a healthy traffic for your own blogs. This technique acquires SEO points as well because you created a backlink too.

7) Forum Posting:

From Posting is same as blog commenting. Backlinks are created by posting new threads or replying an existing thread with your signatures included in every thread.

8) Guest Posts:

You may write posts for other site or blog. Your good content can bring that site’s traffic to your web site or blog. If those visitors like your other contents also, they will directly come on your blog next time to read posts.

9) Social Media:

Another powerful traffic driving tool is social media. FACEBOOK, DIGG and TWITTER allow you to share your posts with their huge visitors.

10) Subscribers:

Subscribers are source of continuous traffic until you provide unique and interested content.

The above discussed 10 points will work wonder to gain high traffic for your blogs if you used them in an exact way.

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