When relatives pass away, it’s not always easy to deal with their belongings. This can be especially true if you’re the one inheriting everything. Whether it’s a lot or a little, sorting through a lifetime of stuff can be daunting. But there are things you can do to prepare yourself (and your home) for an inheritance. Here are some tips on how to get ready for when grandparents or other relatives pass away.

It can be difficult to deal with the death of a relative, but it’s important to be prepared for what comes next – especially if you’re inheriting their belongings

It’s often a very difficult time when a loved one passes away, leaving behind memories and possessions. But it’s important to be prepared for what comes next, particularly if you are inheriting the belongings of a family member such as a grandparent. Going through their possessions and sorting out their will can feel overwhelming, but being organized is key to getting through these tough moments successfully. Taking the time to honor your grandparent in an appropriate manner while working with others on the legalities of their estate is essential in honoring their legacy and ensuring that everyone involved has access to these items which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Before sorting through anything, take some time to grieve and process your emotions

Inheriting your grandparent’s things and sorting out their wills can be a daunting process, so before you get stuck into the administrative work it’s important to make sure that you allow yourself the time and space to grieve properly. It should be OK to take a moment – or several – while you appreciate the life that they lived and all of the happy memories you shared together. While sorting through any of their belongings, pause and give thanks for all that they had done in their life. Take this time to honor them, let go, and continue on your own path with new perspectives and understanding.

Once you’re ready, start by making a list of what needs to be done in order to sort through everything

Taking on the task of sorting through the inheritance left by your grandparents can be daunting – but with a few simple steps, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. One important task is to make a list of what needs to be done in order to go through all the items inherited. This will help break down the seemingly large job into smaller tasks and projects, making it more manageable and helping you stay organized during the process. Once your list is made, prepare yourself for a bit of an emotional rollercoaster as you sort out this interesting glimpse into your family history – it may take time, but it’s also sure to be an incredible journey.

If there are items you don’t want or need, consider donating them to charity or giving them away to family and friends

With the phenomenon of ‘inheritance clutter’ becoming increasingly common, it is important to think about what to do with items inherited from grandparents. If there are particular items that you neither want nor need, then donating them to charity or giving them away to family and friends could be an ideal solution – not only providing emotional closure for any remaining relatives but also allowing you to help others in need. For many people, being able to pass on something meaningful and of sentimental value holds great importance; why not honor these same values yourself by enabling others to benefit from your inheritance?

If you’re not sure what to do with certain items, consult an expert (e.g. an appraiser for antiques)

When it comes to the tricky task of sorting out what to do with items you inherit from your grandparents, consulting an expert can be a great help. An appraiser can look over antiques, for instance, and give you an estimated value as well as any historical information which may add to the items’ significance. It’s an important asset when dealing with a will; it allows you to objectively make decisions about those potentially precious, coveted items that your family has passed down for generations.

Finally, make sure all legal documents are in order so that there are no surprises down the road

If you’re dealing with something that requires a bit more planning and structure, like a will, make sure you get all your legal documents in order. This is an essential step to avoid any potential problems or surprises that could arise in the future. Knowing everything is squared away can help provide peace of mind in knowing that the wish of the grandparents is being honored and respected while also protecting your future interests. Contacting an estate administration attorney can make the process go more smoothly and ensure that your legal bases are covered. Investing a bit of time now to make sure these pieces are aligned can save you hours and headaches down the road.


Inheriting things from grandparents can be a difficult and emotional process, but it’s important to be prepared for what comes next. Start by making a list of everything that needs to be sorted through, and then take some time to grieve and process your emotions. Once you’re ready, consult an expert for items you’re not sure about and make sure all legal documents are in order. Finally, donate or give away any items you don’t want or need so that they can go to a good home. Taking the time to prepare for inheritance isn’t ever pleasant, but it can make the process much easier when it occurs.