Traditional Computers and laptops!!! It’s a matter of past. Gone are the days when people use to sit over their system for browsing, surfing and working. Smart phones have brought a new revolution in the era of tech marvels. Mobistealth is a leader in cell phone spy app market and can help users to find out doubtful activities.

The next new name what we know in mobile world today is the mobile app. With the increasing rage of using multi-ferrous applications for different purposes, the importance of smart phones and its security to the users has become vital.

Do you really know- the applications you are going to use/ download is safe or not?  

As the user is rapidly shifting to mobile phones, the risk of its insecurity while using the internet may also enhance. Definitely the hackers are also shifting their targets to the mobile phones to cause the vulnerability to the users. And so the responsibility of conducting security tests on these applications has become a necessity.

Every now and then with new technical advancements the tech experts are using their best hands to bring some revolutionary solutions for the security of the mobile phones and the applications used in them.

2 Major Mobile Security Testing The Experts Perform For Vulnerability Detection

This is best processed through conducting different mobile security testing. There are two major types of mobile assessment tests which can be picked upon the risk profile of the application.

  1. Mobile Application Penetration Test:This test is applicable for the application vulnerabilities that can be exploited while installing the applications on the mobile phones. This test can be performed by posing both as a registered user or an anonymous user. The penetration test will involve building custom threat profiles in order to discover the related security vulnerabilities which are made specific to the applications. The test thus confirms the identification of the threat imposing the application.
  2. Mobile Application Source Code Review: This test is proffered at identifying vulnerabilities at the source-code level. This is a mode of testing via source code review to detect the vulnerabilities that are occur due to coding or designing flaws  posing as a registered user. The source code review test is being performed for building custom threat profiles.

Profitably, these two tests and assessments are being performed ideally for Mobile Banking applications, M-Commerce applications, Mobile Payment systems, etc. across various platforms like:-

  • iPad Application Security Testing
  • iPhone Application Security Testing
  • Blackberry Application Security Testing
  • Android Application Security Testing
  • Nokia Application Security Testing
  • Windows Mobile Application Security Testing

The mobile security testing companies are bringing their best efforts to work upon the other ranges of mobile application testing too. By testing the vulnerabilities, the application security companies follow these threat profiles after performing these tests and then recommend the relevant and contextual solutions for patching these vulnerabilities.