3 Common Home Improvement Mistakes That Can Lower Home Value by Marc Holt

Many homeowners are in such a rush to sell their house that they overlook aspects of their structure that could truly boost their home value.  It is obvious that you house should be neat and clean.  However, there are a few qualities that your home might be missing that could convert prospects into buyers.  If you want to enhance your home value or simply make your home more efficient, make sure to avoid these three common home improvement mistakes.  Even if you correct one of these mistakes, you might impress the right prospect and sell your home faster.

Home Improvement Mistake #1: Having an Ugly or Worn Out Garage Door

The garage door is the first thing people see when they visit your house.  It is right in front of them when they enter the driveway.  Even if they park on the street, they will most likely walk up your driveway to enter your home.  With this considered, it is obvious that your garage door should have visual appeal.  There is even a chance that your old or ugly garage door could make potential buyers look the other way the moment they see your home.

Additional mistake: Many older garage doors lack insulation.  A garage that is not insulated will make your wallet thinner.  This is because an insulated garage door keeps interior air in and keeps external air out.  This means that the temperature in your garage will stay moderate.  The moderate temperature will help to keep the wall between your home and your garage warm so that your house will have an easier time maintaining a consistent temperature.  In addition, the insulated garage will appeal to those who spend a large amount of time working in their garage as it will be much more comfortable for them.

Home Improvement Mistake #2: Your House has the Wrong Exterior Color

You might have a color that works for you, but there is a decent chance that it does not appeal to the average homebuyer.  To sell your house quicker, you should pick a color that appeals to the masses.  The best practice is to pick neutral colors.  Mixed greens, silver, white, beige, and other impersonal colors will essentially go with anything.  If you choose to paint your house orange to make it stand out, it might attract a buyer but it has a significant chance of turning off prospects.

Picking the right color can truly be a frustrating experience.  For additional tips on finding the right color for your home, I recommend reading this article.

Home Improvement Mistake #3: Your Kitchen Colors do not Match

Your kitchen is a major selling point for your home.  We all spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen and many cooking enthusiasts will turn away from a home that does not have an ideal kitchen design.  A simple way to boost the visual appeal of your kitchen is to make the appliance colors match.  If you have a yellow dishwasher, a black sink and a red microwave (of course, these colors are rare in kitchens and this is an extreme example), your kitchen will not have a smooth appearance.  You should spend some time making sure that all the colors either match or share similar shades.

If you plan to improve the value of your home or you would just like to make your home more appealing to impress the neighbors, make sure to avoid the common home improvement mistakes above.  Even one of the pieces of advice listed above can make a major difference.