We find many possible applications of physics in different places. This should make understanding on the principles and laws of physics to be very easy. Unfortunately, many students still struggle with this particular subject. They may have many problems understanding the basics of this important knowledge. Physics is one of the ways to understand the nature, particularly through the use of math. Unfortunately, many people find that math is a difficult thing. There are a number of reasons for this, as an example; they could argue that teachers don’t really provide good instructions on what they should do.

There are many real reasons why students encounter difficulties when working with physics problems. As an example, some students may not have the proper study habits to allow them get proper comprehension on the subject. Here are things that can cause failures in physics:

  1. We hate physics: It could be quite difficult to prevent someone from hating something. We simply can’t force someone to like something. Physics may be something that we don’t like, but we shouldn’t make it our mortal enemy. We should be able to get better results by being open minded and stop hating physics. In fact, we could be surprised to find that we can find many things related to physics that work well in our daily lives.
  2. We do it too quickly: It would be easier for our body to digest a pie if we eat it in multiple smaller bites; instead of eating as a whole slice. It means that if we want to understand a physics concept, it is important to take bits of information. If we play catch up and try to understand so many things at once; it is possible that we will get overwhelmed and achieve much less. This will cause us to fall behind and there will be negative impacts in our overall performance. If it happens, we would argue that we have tried so hard and physics is simply too difficult to understand. In reality, we should stop trying too hard and try to choose a proper pace.
  3. We don’t scan our notes: Physics is consisted of interrelated concepts. What we learn today has a relation to things that we learn in the past. If we want to learn today’s lesson, we should make sure that we understand previous lessons. In this case, the night before physics lesson; students should spend at least 15 minutes to try to understand proper concepts. Even if we have problems, we would know what to ask to teacher the next day. In this case, we should write down things that we don’t understand and ask the tutor or friend about it.
  4. We don’t allocate enough time: It is important to allot enough when we are studying physics; this will make sure that we can improve our overall comprehension. We will be better able to absorb more concepts; instead of trying to understand them all at one night.

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