it may be the last place you think could be haunted. It’s definitely not a usual place to spot spirits. The traditional spots for haunting are cemeteries, churches, old houses, and castles, but it seems even the humble bingo hall cannot escape the attentions of apparitions. There have been several cases in the UK where ghosts have been spotted in bingo halls, from a grey man to a man in green, and people report hearing strange noises and footsteps in what would otherwise be an ordinary building.


If you suspect your local bingo hall, or any other building, is harbouring a ghost, here’s what you need to look out for to find out for sure.

  1. Unexplained Noises

The bingo hall may be a noisy place when everyone is playing, but when you are the only one in the place and you start to hear footsteps, knocks on the doors, scratching sounds, or sounds like something is being dropped  – and there is no rational explanation for the occurrence – it could signify that the building is haunted.

  1. Doors Opening and Closing

Again, it can be difficult to spot this sign when the hall is fully occupied and people are coming and going. But one of the main signs of a ghostly presence is doors and cupboards that open and close when no one touches them. You may wander into a room to see a cupboard door open that you just shut. In rare cases, you see the door opening by itself.

  1. Lights On and Off

Likewise, these happenings may be difficult to spot. But if you frequently come into a room to find the light off when you just turned it on, think about whether you may have a ghostly visitor. You can also witness the phenomena with electrical equipment like radios and TVs.

  1. Items Missing, Then Returned

You’re in the bingo hall and you are searching for a specific file of papers, or you are looking for your pen in the place you keep it all the time. It’s not there, and you look everywhere – only for the object to turn up later in the exact place you would expect it. This can be the sign that a ghost has “borrowed” the object or moved it.

If all this has you spooked, remember that you can always play Online Bingo – no chance of encountering a haunting when you play from home. Bingo halls may be haunted but you can always play whenever you feel like it, even in the middle of the night, when you play bingo online.