In the beginning, the garage was a place for you to park your vehicle and perhaps work on some projects with tools. It kept your car clean and dry and out of the elements. Of course, over time the concept of the garage has changed quite a lot.

These days, it seems that many newer garages won’t even contain one car, let alone multiple vehicles. Much of the time, your garage ends up being a space to toss assorted items that aren’t being used elsewhere. In short, a wasted room that could go to better use.

Make a Plan

Once you decide to use your garage for something worthwhile, take some time to formulate a plan. First, all the things in there now must be dealt with and second, you’ll probably have to make some modifications you do what you want with the space.

Your plan should include a budget, a detailed list of what needs to be done and how you’re going to do it. Here’s a list of a few things you might want to make room for in your garage. 

1. Your Tools

This may seem a little routine and boring, but organizing your tools efficiently will make them accessible and improve the overall look of the garage. Proper tool storage shelves, bins and a sound storage strategy will help you create a workshop you will be proud of.

2. Seasonal Items 

Seasonal items like Christmas decorations and summer toys and accessories work well in a garage. Since you know you’ll be using them every year, you probably don’t want them hidden away under the stairs or somewhere else that makes them hard to find.

3. Home Office

If you have the space and the need, your garage makes a great space for a home office. You may need to do some upgrades so it is heated and well-lit, but you’ll be away from the rest of the house and may find it easier to get your work done.

4. Home Gym

If you prefer to exercise at home instead of the gym, your garage is a great place to set up a home gym. Most garages have enough space for several pieces of equipment, and it’s separated from the rest of the house just enough to make it feel like you’re somewhere else. With proper garage organization you can easily convert your garage into a home gym.

Items to Avoid

While your garage is a very useful spot for a lot of things, everything cannot be stored in garage. If your garage isn’t climate controlled like so many are not, things like paint, propane, electronics and canned food should be stored somewhere else. Stacks of paper or linens should also be kept out of the garage, as mice and other pests might try to make themselves at home inside them.

Author Bio:

Anne Flemings loves interior designing and is always in pursuit of the latest changes and trends in home improvement. Her other interests lies in cooking, painting and blogging. She is an enthusiast homemaker who lives in Toronto with her husband and two kids.