With the many apps being introduced today, even realtors can enjoy applications that can make their work easier and more effective. Below are five best apps that can be used to make their jobs more productive.

1. MagicPlan

The MagicPlan Version 1 was downloaded by over one million people. The MagicPlan is a free app that allows the realtor to create a floor plan by taking photos of houses, rooms and other parts of the house. Upon generating a floor plan using this app, this can turn into DXF, JPG and PDF files which you can immediately posts images on the web or use these to design floor plans that are interactive. Although it takes some time to get used to this app, the features are amazing and realtors will truly find it beneficial to the job.

5 Best Apps For Realtors

2. Instagram

Instagram is considered one of the most popular apps being enjoyed by millions of smartphone users today. As of today, Instagram is now applicable on Android Tablets and other devices. This app has allows the user to facilitate photo-sharing. It has been a promise by Instagram that user will never take a bad picture. Instagram itself has its own social media channel. Apart from this it allows pictures to be linked with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and email. Users enjoy Instagram photos as they can be transformed into an artistic photo. As for the case of realtors, Instagram allows them to take photos of any property in different angles. The clarity of pictures allows them to post quality images on real estate websites. Realtors can use the app to promote neighborhood amenities and home listings. Take note that the Instagram is free.

3. Clear

Clear garners a 4.5 rating as it is branded as one of the most popular to-do apps and the most user-friendly app as well. Clear not only provides you with a simple to-do list. It allows the user to acquire the visual interface feature which works like a heat map. Tasks can be color coded which allows the user to easily, add or delete items from the list with such a little effort. Since realtors are bus with career as well as their home life, the Clear can be helpful tool in organizing their daily tasks. By using this app, any important task is not left out. Take note that this app is priced at $2.99.

4. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a free app which can be used on Android and Apple. As much as possible, realtors must be well-known in the industry. Therefore, they have to be linked in the network. By using this app, they can easily follow real estate groups as well as research on clients profile and be able to post content.

5. Google Drive

The Google Drive tagline says that you can ‘keep everything’ and ‘share everything’. The Google Drive is a free app that allows the user to store all important files in just one place. When these files are needed, they can be easily accessed at any time. Since you all files, such as documents, photos, contracts are stored in one place, you need not rush to your office in case of immediate need.

Ben Davis