The term “linkbaiting” may sound rather sneaky, but in reality, it could be used to efficiently attract good traffic to our website. The legal way to do linkbaiting is by creating some irresistible content that make it very likely for other website owners and comment poster to publish links to our websites. Here are ways to do that:

1. Choose very effective Topic

Our topic shouldn’t become stale in months or weeks. If possible, it should become a primary reference for many years to come. It is also important to break down techie language and industry jargon to more simple words. This will allow us to gain interests from beginners. In general, we should spur interest from appreciative readers so they will visit our website again and again. Often, we need to narrow our focus so we could broaden our overall sales.

2.Use proper titles or Headlines

In general, we can deliver important messages in an effective and simple way through titles and headings. It doesn’t take a well-honed writing skill to make interesting titles and headings. Mostly, what we find very engaging will also interest other people who read it. We could use positive, trigger words like new, unleashed, revealed, authentic, free, best, worst, greatest and others. What we should make sure is that our title should match the first paragraph of our content so we can meet readers’ expectation and they will be compelled to read further.

5  Effective Linkbaiting Techniques

3. Use subtitles for improved Readability

Subtitles can help us improve the attention of our audience. It can help people to get an introduction about an article they are about to read. We could see many good articles posted without proper subtitles and this could decrease interests among visitors. If we plan to use linkbait content as a main driver for encouraging consistent blog traffic, we should be able to generate the buzz needed through the use of proper subtitles.

4. Use images and videos properly

It is a known fact that people are visual individuals, particularly men. They are quite responsive to what they feel and hear. For this reason, we can use pictures, sounds and videos to enhance the effectiveness of our linkbait content. In fact, one good image can tell a whole story. So, it would be quite handy to have at least one good camera and basic photography skills to produce good pictures and videos. Many webpages contain one relevant YouTube video that people can play directly on the page.

5. Use proper Call into action

Often, people need to be told what to do next to take proper initiatives. After reading our engaging content, the audience may need to be pushed once more. This allows them to make real intentions and do proper follow-ups. We shouldn’t leave things hanging in the air if users are actually interested with our offers, products and services. We should be able to convince that the whole thing is a win-win situation for everyone. With effective call to action, we can build our credibility and brand effectively.