Other than the bedroom and living room, kitchens are a place most of the time is spent in a house. And when you think about it, a kitchen is where you are the most active, as you will be making, prepping or displaying food here at many different meals. So a kitchen that isn’t laid out properly or is cluttered can put a real damper on the enjoyment you have within your living space. One way to remedy this is to make over your kitchen in an inexpensive, smart and useful way. Below are 5 ideas for a great kitchen make over to bring some life back to this important room and beyond.

Repaint the Kitchen

Sometimes the paint on the walls and cabinets in a kitchen just needs a fresh coat. Consider repainting the kitchen to reinvigorate it, namely some color that will make it bright and bring it back to life. White is always a good color for a kitchen, but if there are subtler colors, those that trigger or inspire coziness or creativity to you, those can be a good match for a kitchen’s paint color as well.

Redo Countertops

Removing old grimy countertops and replacing them with nice pieces of stone is one of the ideal ways to make over a kitchen. Not only will this color of the stone countertop, preferably marble, add an attractive pattern and theme to the kitchen as a whole, it will also create a lot more surface area to set up appliances, as well as prep and serve food.

5 Ideas For A Great Kitchen Makeover

Replace Cabinetry

New wooden or metal cabinetry will also bring a kitchen back to life, updating it both functionally and stylistically. Cabinetry from many decades ago looks very dated in the way it is constructed and styled in many cases, so replacing it with something more modern will make the rest of the kitchen appear to follow suit, even though little else will have been changed.

Create an Island

For kitchens with a large amount of space in the middle, consider building an island in the middle, or buying an island that allows you to cut and prep food. Many of these larger islands have countertops around them and sinks as well, though this isn’t necessary. By doing this, more surface area is created in the kitchen and the food prep is often isolated to the island, while dining and serving areas become the bar and countertops. A full installation can be done which will change the layout of the kitchen as a whole, or an island can be purchased and placed in the middle of the kitchen, allowing it to be moved around like a piece of furniture.

Create a Bar

If there is a wall that divides your kitchen from the rest of the house, consider cutting a hole in it and creating a bar. This will not only open up the floor plan of the entire house, but it will also create more counter space and an excellent place to put stools along the bar area. This counter will be perfect for serving and displaying food at social gatherings and allow people to sit and talk while work is being done in the kitchen.



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