Unlike all areas of the house, the bathroom is an area that needs to be cleaned more often. And although this task is usually the least enjoyable of all those held in the home, it is essential for their live millions of germs that can be harmful to the family, especially children.

However, some preventive bathroom cleaning can help avoid long sessions cleaning the bathroom; also have the peace of mind that will always be presentable. Therefore, we present a quick guide with useful tips to make a quick and efficient cleaning bath.

1. First of all you must integrate yourself kit with a bucket, a broom, a mop, a boat trash, disposable towels, disinfectants, glass cleaner, brush and toilet cleaning fluid. If you have the whole package together will save time and be easier to start cleaning.

2. Washbasin. Take a disinfectant wipe and clean the washbasin. Use a cloth or sponge with scouring powder and rub the surface of the washbasin. Rinse with water. If there are stains or mold, you can remove them with a mixture of chlorine bleach or ammonia. You have to leave for a few moments and then rinse. Most stains can clean them with alcohol and rinse well with hot water and detergent.

5 Ideas For Quick Cleaning The Bathroom

3. Toilet. The toilet is a bathroom cabinet or yes requires daily cleaning, both inside and outside: Inside clean with products like bleach or ammonia, or pour hot vinegar with coarse salt. Leave it with a brush and then carves well the inner walls of the toilet. Upon completion of flushing, repeated if necessary. To the outside of the toilet uses a cloth soaked in a disinfectant and passes it through the covers up and deposit. If there are stains will disappear if you rub with lemon and salt. Finally, take another disinfectant wipe clean the cover on both sides, it will be perfectly clean.

4. Tiles. The bathroom walls tend to accumulate moisture promotes mold growth. One way to prevent this is to keep it ventilated and dry even after a shower tiles. If you do not have a specific product you can use the following: two tablespoons of grated white soap in pan and mix with alcohol. Scrub with a toothbrush tile joints with this preparation to remove mildew stains. Another option is to mix bleach with 1/2 liter of water and place in a container with spout sprayer. We spray the tiles with this preparation on mildew stains and leave for 5 minutes. Then rub with a sponge soaked with the mixture and use a toothbrush if the stains persist. Finally we rinsed with water.

5. Mirrors and Glasses. With glass cleaner or vinegar and paper towels you can remove stains from glass and mirrors. It is important that you take care to clean the mirror.

This routine may take you a little time at first, but in doing so about twice a week come when you’ll do almost without realizing automatic and your bathroom will always be presentable