For many, Vancouver home elevators are considered to be a luxury. Others consider it as a medical need as well. But, having a home elevator has greatly changed in the recent years since the decrease of cost and equipment needed to install it. With this, a lot of homeowners are considering the idea of putting home elevators in their home for various reasons, including:

5 Reasons to Get a Home Elevator


The main reason for many homeowners for getting a home elevator is to protect elderly members of the family. As people age mobility decreases and the chances of slips and accidents in stairs, so many homeowners are opting for home elevators for their peace of mind. Most bedrooms in 2-story houses are located on the second floor and may pose difficulty for family members to move their elderly members to the ground floor. With home elevators, moving elderly or mobility-impaired members can be made easy and safe.

Increases the Property Value

For a number of homeowners, having a home elevator serves as a profitable investment which will help increase the value of their homes. It can be noticed that many potential home buyers nowadays are easily attracted to homes with elevators for they look to the homes future accessibility when mobility will be a problem. For this reason, having a home elevator will help improve the worth of your home.

Space-Saving Design

If you are planning to build a multi-storied house, installing an elevator can help you by saving a significant of space that may be used for a stairwell. There can be cases where the elevator is installed on an external wall outside the house which helps to free even more space in your house so you can use it for other features that you may decide to put.

Demonstrates Style

Due to the increasing affordability of home elevators, a lot of homeowners are considering of having them installed to add a unique style to their homes and increase functionality. Having a home elevator can improve your home in setting a new style in your community by being the first to have an elevator.

Functionality and Accessibility

One of the reasons why homeowners are opting to have home elevators installed in their houses is because of functionality and accessibility on the upper levels of their houses. This is helpful if there are elderly family members or with disabilities. Having a home elevator reduces the risk of accidents for members of the family and guests who have troubles in climbing staircases.

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