Everyone is looking for that special little town that’s the big hidden secret. The truth is that there are thousands of them scattered across these United States. One area that often slips under the radar is Oklahoma. A wonderful town in Oklahoma that’s poised to become the next great small town in America is Jenks, Oklahoma. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, Jenks could be the best place for you to buy your next home or rent an apartment.

The Housing Is Affordable

The average home price in Jenks is just north of 200K. That’s pretty affordable considering the fact that Jenks is Tulsa-adjacent. Anyone in the Tulsa area that wants a cheap suburban house goes right to Jenks due to its affordability and proximity. If you’re a single renter, a decent apartment can be had for less than $500 a month. Factor in Oklahoma’s historically low gas prices and you’ve got a solid recipe for savings.

The Food Is Always Amazing

If you like Oklahoma cuisine, living in Jenks is quite possibly the best way to enjoy it without too much hassle. If you want to stay local and still get topnotch fare, there’s Redrock Canyon Grill. If you want great ethnic food, Thai Village on South Lewis Avenue in Tulsa is right across the river. Either way you slice it, Jenks is an under-looked foodie mecca for those with highly discerning tastes.

The Local Scenery Is Sublime

People generally don’t associate Oklahoma with views. However, you don’t need the Grand Canyon to enjoy stunning summer sunsets in Oklahoma. Jenks has got such landmarks beat easily thanks to its predictable weather and stunning vistas.
When spring finally melts away, Jenks becomes the most desirable place to be in the northern hemisphere. There’s no extreme heat and few if any days where frost is an issue. Truly, Jenks is a happy medium between oppressive hot and bothersome cold.

The Community Is Welcoming

Quite possibly the best thing about Jenks is the people. This town is comprised of class acts and old souls through and through. Ranked by many Oklahoma-centric blogs as one of the friendliest spots in the state, Jenks is a town that values civic goodwill. If Tulsa is too “big city” for you, places like Jenks are pretty much the antidote. Main street is just as peaceful as the many quiet and homely avenues that spring from it.

The Town Has Massive Potential

Between 2000 and 2010, Jenks grew about 77% in terms of population. It’s one of the fastest-growing towns in Oklahoma. Those looking to score on real estate deals would do well to buy a home or even rent an apartment here. This is a town on the rise and it’s always wise to get in on the ground floor. If you want an Oklahoma investment that’ll quickly pay off, Jenks is one of the best places for that to happen.

Best of the Midwest, OK-Style

For the right person, Jenks can be a paradise on Earth. Okies already know why their state is much more than flyover country. Once the rest of the nation figures it out, places like Jenks will truly flower more than they already have. This town and many others just like it are blooming thanks to their positive qualities. If you want to live in a place that’s on the verge of real greatness, Jenks is that place.
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