Ah, spring. The days get longer and warmer, and flowers splash color everywhere. You open windows to air out your home—but then frown at the dirt and clutter marring an otherwise picture-perfect scene. It’s time for spring cleaning! Take a fun, regimented approach and finish in almost no time.

1. Focus on one Area or Room at a Time

Your spring cleaning timetable is yours. Whether you plan to start and finish in one day, five days or a month, focus on only one area or room at a time. This breaks the task down and makes it seem less daunting. Plus, after you finish that space, you’ll feel accomplished and more motivated to carry on.

  • Pick something fairly simple for your first area. Good choices can be the living room or your bedroom—or even a crowded, unsightly closet in which you can exchange spring and summer wear for winter gear.
  • Dedicate yourself. You could even set a timer for, say, one hour or two, and work vigorously. No breaks for phone chatting or to check email.

2. Part from some Possessions.

  • Get rid of items that don’t belong in the area you’re focusing on. If you must take them to another room, return to your original cleaning space as quickly as possible. Also keep a trash can and donation box / bag handy for materials you want to throw out or recycle. A good rule of thumb: if you haven’t used something in the past year, you’re probably fine donating it.
  • Clean the area. Dust, mop, vacuum, or whatever suits your fancy. Put on some music to speed up the process.

5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

3. Make it a Party.

Spring cleaning? As a party? While these phrases don’t seem to mix, they certainly can. Invite some family members or friends to help you clean—and offer to help them clean too. You all can work as a group on one large space or separately tackle several smaller spaces. Break for lunch, drinks, or games. Celebrate with a fun group night at home one evening once all the cleaning is finished. If you get easily distracted, however, this might not be the best tactic.

4. Make over yourHouse—or at Least one Room.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning and tidying. Like flowers bloom, spring can also be a time for your house to bloom. Shop for new bedding, housewares, curtains, pillows, and even table linens. One small change can make a room sparkle anew. If you can afford it and feel like it, go large with new furniture or even bed and bath renovations.

5. Go for Deeper Cleaning.

If your house has carpeting, an annual cleaning is a great idea. There’s no better time than spring to do it. Get rid of winter grime and stains. Also clean your painted walls using a sponge and water or a cloth. Mild dishwashing liquid can provide a stronger oomph if needed. Cleaning products sometimes tend to weaken the paint surface so avoid them if possible. Use water to rinse the wall after you are finished cleaning it.

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