Whether you are preparing a delicious holiday meal, or you are just whipping up something quick for a weekday dinner, your kitchen uses up a good amount of energy. From the oven running overtime to the refrigerator continually cooling all of your food, there is just so much you need to take care of inside of the kitchen, all of which turns not into a major expense, but reduces your ability to become eco friendly.

That is exactly why you need to follow through with these five tips for a greener kitchen.

White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Cleaning your kitchen is important, as it prevents the spreading of germs, not to mention it keeps it looking good. However, many of the cleaners you purchase at the local store is just full of chemicals. That is exactly why you need to use a more natural cleaning product. Mixing white vinegar and baking soda creates a perfect kitchen cleaner that is incredibly green.
In fact, you probably have these products already sitting around. By mixing equal parts water and white vinegar together in a cleaning bottle, then sprinkling baking soda on tough stains, the natural chemical combination is going to give you a sparkling kitchen.

Avoid Paper Towels

Sure, paper towels are incredibly easy to use and can do just about anything in the kitchen, but it drastically increases the amount of paper you use, not to mention it is going to increase the amount of money you spend at the grocery store. Instead, you want to switch over to a microfiber towel. These are reusable and you can just throw it in the washing machine and it is as good as new.

Ditch the Teflon

Teflon is used in all sorts of different utensils, Tupperware and other kitchen based products. Sure, these items are cheap and easy to purchase, but the problem is the material breaks down and you are constantly replacing it. This just becomes more junk in the local landfill. Instead, you want to go with other cooking products, not to mention good old fashion iron skillets.
Sure, your grandmother use to have one of these, and guess what, it is probably the same one her mother used. These things last forever and are great for locking in flavor. There is no reason to constantly replace dishes when you just have to spend a few more dollars and you’re good for life.

Energy Efficient Appliances

If you are making a new appliance purchase, make sure to look for the Energy Star symbol on the device. This means it uses less energy than the traditional equipment. This way, you can save money on your energy bills, all while upgrading your kitchen. From dish washers to refrigerators and stoves, there are energy efficient appliances for just about everything.

Buy Local

Buying local food is a great way to go green. Sure, it might cost a little more (not always), but you are going to support local farmers, plus it also keeps the cost down for shipping products to stores, which reduces your overall carbon footprint and improves your ability to stay green in the kitchen.
+Ken Uhrich likes a nice kitchen. In fact he cooks in one. You can drop him a line at the Custom Home Group website.